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DIY Fancy Frame

Guys. I love picture frames. The bigger and shabbier, the better. I've been on the hunt for some at our local antique markets. I mean, there's plenty of booths filled with gorgeous wooden frames at $50 each. EACH. And these aren't big frames. These are frames that would fit a 4x6 photo. I love them, but no thanks, okay?

So, I started thinking, I have a whole stack of unused, cheap, sad frames in a closet. Some of the frames came from thrift shops, some were gifts, some I've had for a decade. #hoarder

Anyhoo, I went through the pile of frames and picked out two wooden ones that were from the Dollar Tree. I made sure the smaller one fit perfectly on the bigger frame after I took out both of the frame's backs. I left the glass in the smaller frame, but took out the glass in the bigger frame.

I then used some glue that I had on hand and glued around the back of the smaller frame. I let that dry for a few hours.

I decided chalk paint was the only way to go, and I painted the frames. This blue chalk paint actually came from Home Depot. It isn't Annie Sloan, but for the $8 price tag, it will suffice.

After I let the chalk paint dry, I distressed the frame with sand paper. I used a little of Annie Sloan's clear wax after the distressing.

I added a 4x6 photo to the smaller frame and then put the back on it. I also re-added the back to the larger frame.

And there you have it, a gorgeous $50 boutique photo frame for basically nothing.

Oh, and sorry about the fuzzy photos! It was cloudy that day.


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