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Tiny Prints

Our 2014 Christmas Cards made by the wonderful Tiny Prints. They have made our holiday cards for the past three years. I wouldn't trust anyone else to print such happiness.

Tiny Prints offers holiday cards, as well as invitations, announcements, stationary, and even home decor. I mean, these pillows are amazing.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas vacation. I know we did. I will share tons of photos from the past month and a half super soon.

Guest Posting from Chameleon John

Love Coffee? Drink it and Burn Fat! 

If you are making efforts to lose weight and your goals are not being achieved, then ask yourself one thing. Do you love coffee? If yes, let me tell you something. Coffee can help you burn fat with ease.

Traditionally, we have used coffee as a mode to wake up early in the morning or to stay awake for important presentations. Now, you know it can help you lose those extra pounds. So, use it and lose some weight.

How does it help in losing weight?

Caffeine! That’s true. Caffeine helps in burning fat at a faster rate, as compared to other alternatives. But there is more to it. If you have a cup of coffee before your workout, you will break down body fat and stay healthy. Also, having a cup of coffee before going to bath will help lose some weight.

Black coffee is good and some of the benefits of having it are:
  • Having it before bath or workout, you will feel that it boosts your efficiency. Especially while working out, you will be able to do more than what you normally do. More pushups, more crunches, and more of your weight training. So, have your coffee half an hour (or an hour even) before your bath or workout and feel the difference. 
  • The effect lasts for 3 or 4 hours. So, have 4 or 5 cups in a day and energize yourself. 
Don’t like Black Coffee or tired of it?

Adding soy milk is an option. So, add soy milk to your coffee and continue working as per your schedule. Normal milk is not suggested as it is high in calorie count and does not incorporate into your diet, until you are ready to make some adjustments. So, add soy milk and continue.

How much coffee is okay for you?

Drinking coffee is good as it helps in a number of ways. But too much of anything can be harmful.

Drinking 5 cups a day is acceptable. This is because the effect of one cup of black coffee lasts for a 3 hours. So, calculating the period for 5 cups, you are occupied with 15 hours in a day. Consider the effect to last for 4 hours (possible) and with 4 cups you are good. After all, you need sleep too.

Warning: Don’t overlap. Having too many cups of coffee because you think one at a time is not enough, can have negative effects on your health. Don’t do it. Be in your limits and you will see coffee as an angel who is helping you reduce your weight, keeping you awake (when needed) and letting you sip the delicious taste.

Also, don’t replace coffee with your food items. Eat healthily and regularly. That is equally important to maintain a good coffee diet.

Store coffee in good tight fit containers. If you are planning to buy some containers, check out chameleonjohn.com. You might find a coupon to get an additional discount on your purchases.

This guest post has been brought to you by Chameleon John. Please check them out for coupons on tons of hot items!

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