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Tiny Prints

Our 2014 Christmas Cards made by the wonderful Tiny Prints. They have made our holiday cards for the past three years. I wouldn't trust anyone else to print such happiness.

Tiny Prints offers holiday cards, as well as invitations, announcements, stationary, and even home decor. I mean, these pillows are amazing.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas vacation. I know we did. I will share tons of photos from the past month and a half super soon.

Guest Posting from Chameleon John

Love Coffee? Drink it and Burn Fat! 

If you are making efforts to lose weight and your goals are not being achieved, then ask yourself one thing. Do you love coffee? If yes, let me tell you something. Coffee can help you burn fat with ease.

Traditionally, we have used coffee as a mode to wake up early in the morning or to stay awake for important presentations. Now, you know it can help you lose those extra pounds. So, use it and lose some weight.

How does it help in losing weight?

Caffeine! That’s true. Caffeine helps in burning fat at a faster rate, as compared to other alternatives. But there is more to it. If you have a cup of coffee before your workout, you will break down body fat and stay healthy. Also, having a cup of coffee before going to bath will help lose some weight.

Black coffee is good and some of the benefits of having it are:
  • Having it before bath or workout, you will feel that it boosts your efficiency. Especially while working out, you will be able to do more than what you normally do. More pushups, more crunches, and more of your weight training. So, have your coffee half an hour (or an hour even) before your bath or workout and feel the difference. 
  • The effect lasts for 3 or 4 hours. So, have 4 or 5 cups in a day and energize yourself. 
Don’t like Black Coffee or tired of it?

Adding soy milk is an option. So, add soy milk to your coffee and continue working as per your schedule. Normal milk is not suggested as it is high in calorie count and does not incorporate into your diet, until you are ready to make some adjustments. So, add soy milk and continue.

How much coffee is okay for you?

Drinking coffee is good as it helps in a number of ways. But too much of anything can be harmful.

Drinking 5 cups a day is acceptable. This is because the effect of one cup of black coffee lasts for a 3 hours. So, calculating the period for 5 cups, you are occupied with 15 hours in a day. Consider the effect to last for 4 hours (possible) and with 4 cups you are good. After all, you need sleep too.

Warning: Don’t overlap. Having too many cups of coffee because you think one at a time is not enough, can have negative effects on your health. Don’t do it. Be in your limits and you will see coffee as an angel who is helping you reduce your weight, keeping you awake (when needed) and letting you sip the delicious taste.

Also, don’t replace coffee with your food items. Eat healthily and regularly. That is equally important to maintain a good coffee diet.

Store coffee in good tight fit containers. If you are planning to buy some containers, check out chameleonjohn.com. You might find a coupon to get an additional discount on your purchases.

This guest post has been brought to you by Chameleon John. Please check them out for coupons on tons of hot items!

Blundstone Boots

Stopping in really quick on this terribly frigid Monday (yay.) morning. I wanted to share one of my favorite boot companies, Blundstone. They offer some amazing choices for men, women, and children.

William has a pair of the Rancher boots, and he wears them religiously. I have to tell him to take them off all the time, because hello oriental rugs! Boots never should be on my orientals. Adrienne even has a mini pair of Blundstone boots, too! They are adorable and will surely be passed down to her little brother.

I will share photos of them wearing their boots super soon. Per usual, I'm behind in life. So until then, here are my top Blundstone picks for adults!
1. Style 018 | Waterproof Safety Steel Cap Gumboots | Blundstone 
2. Style 410 | Brown waxy leather elastic side boots | Blundstone
3. Style 506US | Stout Brown premium leather with orange elastic sided boot | Blundstone 
4. Style 1301 | Rustic Brown leather brogue elastic side dress boots | Blundstone
5. Style 1314 | Stout Brown leather slip on boots | Blundstone  
6. Style 057 | Rustic Brown full length rancher boots | Blundstone  

Lavazza Frappe

It's Halloween! And I'm super pumped. I'm also needing a little pick-me-up to deal with the whole night. You know, getting the costumes on, going from (stranger's) door to door in the cold, and then the habitual meltdown of my child after I tell her she only gets to eat a few pieces of candy. Sorry, kid, diabetes is a real thing.

The pick-me-up I'm talking about is a homemade frappe. I've made these things a ton of different ways. This time I decided to try the Pioneer Woman's frappe. I tweeked the recipe, of course, and used Lavazza's Perfetto Espresso Roast coffee, and used a decent dash of Monin caramel syrup.

Homemade Frappe
Adapted from The Pioneer Woman's recipe 
|| ingredients ||

1.5 cups Cold Strong Brewed Lavazza Coffee Or Espresso
1 cup Milk
1/3 cup Sweetened, Condensed Milk
1 teaspoon Monin Caramel Extract or Vanilla Extract

- Mix all the ingredients in a blender! And you are done.

The Perfetto Espresso Roast coffee, Monin caramel syrup, and red travel mug are all c/o Lavazza.

Be sure to go read all my other Lavazza posts, herehere, here, and here (I shared a few yummy recipes on those posts, as well).

Addison's Wonderland

To shake off the Monday blues, I thought I'd share one of the new blogs that I adore, Addison's Wonderland

Brittany, the mastermind behind Addison's Wonderland, started off as an interior decorator, and now she's a full fledged designer. She creates the most magical bedding for little girl's rooms. The colors and patterns that she puts together are so whimsical and feminine. I swoon each time I see her work.

Brittany is currently on a hiatus from designing bedding (sad face) and is now focusing on her new blog (yay!). She shares amazing photos of her house, genius decorating tips, and items she is currently loving. You will have to check out her eye candy as soon as you get a chance!

For even more dreamy photos, be sure to check out Addison's Wonderland on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Pumpkin Cheese Ball Revisited

Last year I made a delish cheese ball that was perfect for Halloween. It would also be perfect for the Thanksgiving's Day get together!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Cheers to Monday!

Rainy Days

The last photo of Adrienne holding her beloved Little Lamb will forever be one of my absolute favorite photos I've taken. It epitomizes Adrienne's childhood. And I'll never get sick of seeing her tote Little Lamb around.

Little Lamb is most of the time more gray than white and kind of on the mangier side. One can definitely see that Adrienne's love is squeezed deeply into this lamb's stuffing. Little Lamb is part of our little family, and I keep up with her like she's another child of mine.

There will never be a better sidekick to my child then this stuffed animal.

|| Adrienne is wearing a Billieblush raincoat over a Aya Naya dress, Saltwater Sandals, and holding a Barbie umbrella. ||

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