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If you know me, you know I absolutely love statement jewelry. The flashier, the better. Diamonds, rhinestones, sparkles, gold, I love. it. all.

That said, Benna.co.uk is my go to online jewelry store. This site is filled with everything pretty. Benna.co.uk was started by a young jewelry and fashion designer who wanted to bring customers unique and cutting edge pieces of jewelry. She surely succeeded. From unbelievable rainbow colored necklaces from Shourouk, to new-aged friendship bracelets from Monica Vinader, to one of the most gorgeous green amethyst rings that I've ever seen from Alex Monroe, there is something for everyone.

I put together a few of my absolute favorites below. Oh, and that green amethyst ring, I die.


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Strawberry Children

You guys. I haven't been around these parts in so long. I'm embarrassed. The past month has been a whirlwind and I'm just now getting back in the groove. I apologize for my tardiness.

I'm stopping by today to talk about Strawberry Children. This amazing online children's boutique offers some of the most adorable and unique fashions for the tiny-sized humans. They even sell clothing from high-end designers such as Armani Junior, Catimini, and Monnalisa Kids.

Here are two looks that I put together from Strawberry Children. Those tiny Vivienne Westwood jelly sandals? Dead.
Strawberry children

Since spring is here and the sun is finally shinning, it's time to update the kiddo's wardrobe. Check out Strawberry Children for all the warm weather cuteness.

Birthday Love

Each year I promise myself that I won't go all out on my child's birthday party. And each year I do. The past three years, Adrienne's birthdays have been a huge ordeal, and I never get to enjoy it. Too many countless hours spent preparing and decorating. Too many people end up getting invited. Too many presents for the kid to open. Too much over-stimulation. Adrienne ends up crying, I take like maybe ten photos, my house gets trashed, and wait, what? I didn't even get a piece of cake?

Oh, and get this, Adrienne came down with the stomach flu the night before her third birthday party. So all the planning, the money spent, and the food prepared was basically pointless. I had to call and cancel with most of the guests. I mean, the day of her party mostly dealt with me cleaning up poop. And the stack of presents? She could have cared less.

Done. Over. No more, "Pleased to meet you, my name is Basket-Case, and welcome to my child's ridiculous birthday party!"

So, when her fourth birthday rolled around this past December, we didn't have a party. We didn't have an excessive amount of presents. No invites, no decor, (nothing for me to clean up), and guess what? She. didn't. care. She opened a few presents, her two best buddies stopped by, we ate steaks for dinner, followed by a homemade chocolate dessert. And did I mention NOTHING TO CLEAN UP?

I wouldn't trade that day for all the parties in the world.

Full Disclaimer: I totally am not against parents throwing huge parties for their kids. I'm just envious of your skills.

Winter Wonderland

We live in the deep south. In the winter it's frost bitingly cold, yet without snow. We might get lucky (in quotes) and get ice a few times during the cold months. But actual snow? Nah. It's been over three years since we've had a day of it. So when us southerners hear about snow in the forecast, it's a rush to the store to buy milk, eggs, bread, and if you are really smart, some wine. Because, snowstorm.

Well, Mr. Weatherman was right. In January we finally got under an inch of snow for a total of three glorious hours before the sun showed his/her face to melt it. Snowstorm? Notsomuch.

Adrienne and her daddy did get to go play in our backyard with the white stuff. You know, sled down the hills on a Rubbermaid box lid, make snow angels, and have a snow ball fight. Memories.

And I took some pictures. It was a win/win.

And this photo from my phone that never gets old,

So long winter, it's been real.

David M. Robinson

Popping in real quick to share an amazing jeweler, David M. Robinson. Since starting off in the jewelry business in the 1960's, David M. Robinson has completely mastered his craft. He has an eye for both design and beauty. He has even won numerous awards for his work, including two prestigious DeBeers Diamonds International Awards.

David M. Robinson's online site allows you to browse only the highest of quality diamond jewelry. From bangles dripping in flawlessly cut diamonds, to gold earrings that glisten, there is something for every queen in your life. David M. Robinson also has an extensive luxury watch selection that offers Tag watches, Cartier watches, and Rolex watches.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

Be sure to check out David M. Robinson on Facebook and Twitter, too!

The Homewares Co.

You know I love my British readers. And companies. So today we are going to talk about one of my favorite things: housewares. Clothes? Shoes? I haven't shopped for them in forever. PURSES?! Nope. Not even a purse. Crazy, I know. But stuff for the house? Si.

That's all I think about now. Interior decorating. Even rearranging on the daily, putting this thingy here, that chair there. I get in bed and go directly to Miss Mustard Seed or Dear Lillie and read myself into shabby chic slash French country dreamland.

Anychalkpaint, I'd love to introduce The Homewares Company. This online site specializes in items for, you guessed it, the home. If you go to their easily navigated website, you will find a great choice of garden and home wares, plus essential cookware. They offer many great brands such as one of my favorite chefs, Jamie Oliver's kitchen line.

After scouring over their site, I put together a collection of my favorite items from the Homewares Company. I pretty much can see all of these extremely usable items in my home.

Homewares Co.

Be sure to check out The Homewares Company on Facebook and Twitter, too!

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