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I am a mommy to a beautiful five-year-old named Adrienne and a beautifully fat baby boy named JB. They are both absolutely the best tiny-sized humans ever. I'm pretty sure I'll keep them. Okay- when they become teenagers I'm sure I'll change my mind..

I also have a wonderful husband named William, who gave up being a national touring musician to open up his own business in our city. He is a wonderful daddy and is pretty cute, too. I'm biased, though.

I love my little life. BUT, being a stay at home mom (sans the ever occurring shopping and grocery trips), I get cabin fever. I yearn for creativity and passion. Stuff, that over the past few years, I've lost. I am not saying being a stay at home mom doesn't fulfill those needs. It does, but I needed more. I need to express myself and explore new ideas. So, I became a blogger.

I am going to be brutally honest with motherhood, my love of food, and my clear obsession with fashion and furniture. I might just need rehab for the latter. Until then, I’ll just write about it.


Blog Etiquette (or lack there of):

All my images are watermarked. Meaning "Coffee and Cashmere" is stamped somewhere on each of my photos. Please don't take my photos and crop out the watermark like a total creepy loser. If you do decide you can't stand it and want to share a photo, please give a girl some cred.

I also have tons and tons of images stored on my computer, and I can't always find their source. So, if you are the owner of a particular photo on my blog and wish to claim credit or have
the photo removed, just let me know. I'll be happy to edit or change the photo. Unless otherwise specified, I do not claim ownership of all the photos shown on my blog. 

Some of my favorite pictures..


  1. gosh! she is too cute! like a doll for real!
    love these pictures!!

  2. Your little girl is ADORABLE! Beautiful blue eyes!!

  3. Your family is too too cute! Adrienne is adorable. Looking forward to following along!


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