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Piggy Hates Panda

Adrienne loves ballet. She can jeté and pirouette like a pro. And she doesn't even take dance. I'm thinking I need to enroll her pretty soon, because my short lived stay at Ms. Jackson's ballet school is resulting in little to no help with this subject. What can I say? I was a three-year-old ballet school drop out.

A few weeks ago, Piggy Hates Panda, a fantastic handmade doll shop, sent Adrienne a beautiful ballerina that looks just like her. Another thing that Adrienne digs? Matchy-matchy stuff. She loves for her and her dolls to be mirror images.

Piggy Hates Panda's dollies are so amazing. Their hand-applied and embroidered details are just as swoon-worthy. Each doll is made with the most durable materials, making them even baby safe.

Piggy Hates Panda also makes customizable dollies. If you want a purple-haired cheerleader, I'm sure they could whip up the cutest dollie with pom poms. These huggable little friends will make so many children happy. They even have little man dolls for the man boy in your life.

The little ballerina Adrienne received has grey leg-warmers and a pink tutu that can be taken off. Another three-year-old perk. My kid loves to take off and re-dress her babies. At least she loves fashion?

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