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Lizzy's Whimsy

I hope all you lovelies had an amazing holiday weekend! 

I wanted to stop in to show you guys an amazing portrait of my little Adrienne that the absolutely fabulous Lizzy's Whimsy created! 

Lizzy is an uber-talented artist who can turn any photo into a work of magical art. I basically emailed her a photo of Adrienne and told her my child is princess-obsessed (aren't we all?) and stays in costume. For awhile she even SLEPT with a crown on her head. Adorable? Totally. Comfortable? Notsomuch.

And you know what Lizzy created? A Snow White version of my kiddo. ::swoon::

Dead. Seriously.

I mean, how amazing is that? I'm a sucker for custom work. And an even bigger sucker for my child's fat cheeks. 

Lizzy absolutely captured Adrienne's pudgy face, big blue eyes, and hair perfectly. 

Lizzy's Whimsy's prices are unbeatable. For under ten dollars you can email her any photo of your kid, you (if you're narcissistic), or pet, and she will email you the high-res copy of the finished art. Then you can print it at any local print shop. Wham. Bam. Thank you ma'am.

Oh, and these would make great Christmas gifts! Hey-oh.

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