Guys. It's about to get real. AGAIN. I'm totally preggs.

And that is why I've been MIA from the blog. I'm two months pregnant! And boy has it been rough. I've had morning sickness all bleeping day and night. I didn't even think that mess was real. But apparently it is. REAL LIFE. I mean, I had it made when I was pregnant with Adrienne. I wasn't even sick once, well, except when I ate too many hot dogs on July 4th while I was pregs, but I don't count that. Because hot dogs.

Anyhoosers, I'm also SOOOO not ready to be pricked, stuck, groped, lubed, and made to pee in a cup all the live long day. Ugh. The doctor visits. Can we not even? Let's just speed up the next seven months. Okay, thanks.


  1. Congratulations! Hopefully your morning (afternoon & night) sickness subsides soon! :)

  2. Yay!! What wonderful news!! Congrats!!

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