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Fairytale Jubilee and American Made

Fairytale Jubilee is very dear to me. Alisha Collins, the mastermind behind the extraordinary costume shop, sent Adrienne the most beautiful princess dress in the whole wide world, a while back. The dress I chose was an already made, one-of-a-kind, gown in a size 8, which was way too big at the time. Adrienne is finally a 6t now (where has the time gone?), and I'm anxiously waiting for her to fit into it for photos. I couldn't bare for it to be hidden away in her closet, so it's been hanging on Adrienne's wall in her room, like the piece of art that it is. And believe me, anytime someone new comes over and sees her room, that's the first thing they gasp over.

Fairytale Jubilee's dresses are incredible. Here are few of my favorites from her shop:

Andplusalso, Fairytale Jubilee, has just been chosen as a 2014 American Made finalist by Martha Stewart and her panel of judges. American Made is contest that showcases up and coming businesses that handcraft amazing goods. All of the contestants make their products here in America.

And this is where I need your help! I need all of my readers to take a minute and go vote for Fairytale Jubilee for me! Go HERE to vote! The contest lasts until October 13th. There will be 10 winners: 9 chosen by the panel of judges, and 1 audience choice winner. The audience choice winner is where the voting comes in. Everyone can vote 6 times everyday. You first have to register with your email address and a password. You will then be sent an email to confirm it's you and then you can vote every day, 6 times, through October 13.

A big high five to Alisha for creating such amazing eye candy! And fingers crossed you will win. You deserve it.


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