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Vacation Tips [Guest Post]

Stick to Your Budget for 6 Months and Enjoy Free Vacation

Everyone's looking forward to spending a memorable summer vacation. After all, getting a nice break from working for hours at the office or going through stress in school is just one of life's sweetest moments. Just picture yourself touring around your dream country or swinging lazily in some hammock at a gorgeous beach, and that should be enough to keep you all fired up to save money for a vacation.

However, going on a vacation may also mean spending a little bit more. Depending on the place where you want to go, you may end up spending a couple hundred of dollars or even thousands! Still, there's nothing to worry about, even when you are on a tight budget. As early as now, all you need to do is to start sticking to a budget that can help you save money for your dream vacation. With an effective plan, you may be surprised to find yourself with enough funds for that trip – plus some extra money once the vacation is over.

Here, I rounded up some easy and practical tips on how you can get your funds ready for summer
vacation without straining your budget or living a completely austere life.

1. Set up another bank account.

Once you get your monthly salary, do you sometimes get that urge to splurge until you end up with barely enough money to last you until the next paycheck comes? If this is your story, then one way to put an end to this habit is by setting up a special bank account. Consider this account as your "summer vacation bank account" where you should put in a certain percentage of your salary per month. Remember – a hundred dollars a month, or even more, can add up to your funds.

Aside from this, you may want to keep a jar at home where you can just dump in some change you have in your pocket. By the time you fill the jar up, you have additional savings that you can add to
your special bank account. With sufficient funds, there's no doubt that you can make your vacation

2. Skip Starbucks (or dining at a restaurant) once in a while.

How many times do you have that craving for a frappuccino or perhaps a hefty bowl of pasta at your
favorite restaurant? The truth is, you CAN go through your daily routine even without stopping by Starbucks or that posh Italian restaurant twice or thrice a week. Whether you only spend 2 bucks on a coffee or 20 dollars on a meal, these all add up to your monthly expenses – and they put you farther from saving enough for your upcoming vacation.

What you can do is to start making your own coffee or cooking your own food, which can be much
healthier, more practical and way cheaper than eating out. But of course, you can always treat yourself to a job well done once a week or once every two weeks. It's just a matter of setting your priorities and sticking to your budget.

3. Use coupons and promo codes when shopping.

Another way to grow your savings is by checking out coupons and promo codes online and using
these each time you shop. You'll be surprised to know that there are tons of coupons available online, which can give you big discounts and special promos on most items you need to buy. From food to clothing and even hotel accommodation, you can grab an item you want at a discounted price by simply using these coupons.

Sounds exciting, right? Just be sure to check the terms and conditions included in these coupons, so you can avoid any hassles when the time comes for you to use them. Organizing your coupons into a file is also a great way to browse quickly at your collection and find the right one you need when shopping.

You see, saving up for vacation doesn't have to be tough. The main thing is to put some money aside all the time and get the whole family involved to save enough for that amazing vacation. As you see the money piling up, everything should get easier and less of a challenge for you. So, save now and have an awesome time on your summer vacation!

This guest post was brought to you by discountrue.com.


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