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When I found out I was pregnant with Adrienne, the first thing I bought myself was a diaper bag. I searched high and low for the perfect one, not wanting to settle on some el-cheapo plastic carrier. After all, I was creating a baby inside my uterus, I deserved a nice diaper bag. 

I really wanted one that transformed nicely from holding bottles and baby wipes to being a regular handbag. Why spend a good bit of money for a baby bag when it didn't convert? Lame. I ended up buying a Michael Kors black patent leather diaper bag. The thing was/is gorgeous. It even had the changing pad cover. Although, I was constantly worried about Adrienne pooping on it, because, well, who poops on Michael Kors? 

Anyidontmissblowouts, I have fallen completely in love with BabyBeau. This company just gets it. They offer gorgeous leather diaper bags that transform into luxury handbags after all the baby business is over. These diaper carriers don't even look like they should carry dirty nappies. They look effortlessly chic and classic, things every new mother wants. Because nighttime feedings and nipple butter aren't.  

My two favorite BabyBeau bags are the Ellie (pictured above) and the Eden (pictured below). I mean do these two guys look like traditional diaper bags? No way, José. The Ellie is made from cow leather and is perfect for modern moms on the go. The Eden's buffalo leather screams vintage for a more boho mommy feel. Both have enough room for days. So, go ahead and pack all twenty pacifiers. 

The best part about these bags are their removable organizer pouches. It's like a bag in a bag! You can keep all of your baby needs in it, and then easily take it out to convert to a regular handbag. Hello date night.

Each BabyBeau diaper bag includes a beautifully patterned organizer, changing pad, thermal bottle holder, zippered pouch, and a dust bag. ::swoon:: 

This post was sponsored by BabyBeau. Be sure to always take a quick minute and check out all of my wonderful sponsors. I only work with companies I'm compassionate about. BabyBeau is one of them.


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