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Holidays and traveling go hand in hand. I know that from personal experience. Unfortunately and fortunately at the same time, we have zero family in our city. All our relatives live far away, and we all meet up somewhere for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hectic is an understatement.

Most of the time, when we travel by car to family functions, I bring my trusty Louis Vuitton duffle bag. It's just the right size for a weekend trip and stylish enough to go anywhere. Well, except an airport. It's too big to be a carry on, and I wouldn't trust just anyone to "carefully" stuff it underneath a plane for take off. That's when I'd need a heavy duty suitcase in toe.

Anyineedavacation, Direct Luggage is your place to purchase any and every kind of travel accessory. From backpacks, to suitcases, to laptop bags, these guys have you and your clothes covered.

Direct Luggage has an array of Lulu Guinness Lips suitcases in plenty of colors. My favorite is the cherry red. Perfect to make a pop in any airport. They also have Samsanite holdalls with wheels that are super easy to lug around. And probably my most favorite? The Mossman Diamond Ali trunks. I wouldn't travel with one of these, but these trunks are gorgeous when used as decor in your home. You can stuff unsightly blankets or toys in one right before company comes over. Hey-oh.

This guest post was in collaboration with Direct Luggage. If you'd like to see your business on my blog, email jade(@)coffeeandcashmere.com.


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