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Instagramin' Lately

Welp. I think I'm officially on the outskirts of my first trimester. What the what?! Am I ready for all this? I highly doubt it. I was, however, beyond ready for my morning ALL DAY sickness to GTFO, and I think it's finally packing up and leaving this joint. I'm starting to be able to function again. I can stomach washing my hands with Mrs. Meyer's Lemon Verbena soap without gagging and dry heaving. I can actually walk around in the house past seven o'clock at night without passing out and dying. And everyone who has to deal with me on the regular is thanking sweet baby Jesus that I can drink coffee again. Finally.

Anyhoo, the past three weeks have been crazy busy. That might have helped with my sickness as well. I really didn't have time to feel the terrible feels. A few weekends ago we went to our first college football game of the season (we are number 3 in the nation, Hotty Toddy!). And then this past weekend we got to see College Game Day up close and personal during Ole Miss's win against Alabama, We had tons of company over for both of those game weekends (hello, pregnant hostess!). We went to an Alzheimer's walk (William's grandmother organizes it every year), had a few birthday parties, soccer games, and shopping trips thrown in the mix as well.


I'm getting tired just thinking about it. I'll have photos of all the shenanigans soon! And for the time being, here are a few photos from my Instagram. If you don't follow me on there, you should.

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|| dream catching || little gardener || football game || soccer trophy ||

Find these and more photos of my life on Instagram by searching for coffeeandcashmerelove.


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