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My 1st Years

I have a soft spot for stuffed animals. So does Adrienne. And now that we have JB, he will, of course, be destined to love stuffed animals as well. A few years ago I bought Adrienne a tan Jellycat bunny.
She still sleeps with him every night.

Since JB was born, I've wanted to give him his own Jellycat bunny. One he could tote around by it's floppy ears and go on adventures with. So, when My 1st Years contacted me about reviewing one of their personalized items, I just knew I had to go with a monogrammed Jellycat bunny!

My 1st Years specializes in bringing you the sweetest baby and children's personalized gifts. They have gorgeous blankets, clothing, and keepsakes. And all of their items are sent in a gorgeous blue box with white bow. No wrapping required! 

Be sure to check out My 1st Years on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


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