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Winsome Words Wednesday

This Wednesday I figured I'd do things a little differently. Instead of a fancy quote, I asked Adrienne questions about her daddy.

What is something Daddy always says to you?
|| I love you.

What makes Daddy happy?
|| Me.

What makes Daddy sad?
|| When I'm not here.

How does Daddy make you laugh?
|| By tickling me at bedtime.

Who is Daddy's favorite band?
|| Um. That's a hard one. Um, I don't know what it's called. The football band?

What is Daddy's favorite song?
|| Oh my gosh. I don't really know.

What is Daddy's favorite TV show?
|| Football. That's an easy one.

What is Daddy's favorite color?
|| Brown and blue.

What was Daddy like as a child?
|| I don't know! I wasn't born when he was a child!

How old is Daddy?
|| Um. 28.

How tall is Daddy?
|| Ten feet. No actually, five feet.

What is Daddy's favorite thing to do?
|| Play Minecraft with me, probably.

What does Daddy do when you're not around?
|| I don't know, because I'm always around. I guess watch football.

If Daddy becomes famous, what will it be for?
|| Because he is so great.

What is Daddy really good at?
|| Playing Minecraft.

What is Daddy not very good at?
|| Keeping up with his glasses.

What does Daddy do for a job?
|| Fixes computers.

What is Daddy's favorite thing to eat?
|| Healthy stuff.

What is Daddy's least favorite thing to eat?
|| Sweet stuff. Well, he only likes to eat chocolate and chocolate chip cookies. He doesn't like other sweet things.

What is Daddy's favorite thing to drink?
|| Beer. And water.

What is Daddy's least favorite thing to drink?
|| Sweet tea. Really, really, really sweet tea.

What is Daddy's favorite animal?
|| A dog.

What makes you proud of Daddy?
|| This is an easy one! EVERYTHING!

If Daddy were a character, who would he be?
|| A football player.

Who is your Daddy's favorite football team?
|| Ole Miss.

What do you and Daddy do together?
|| Play Minecraft.

How are you and Daddy the same?
|| Because I have a crooked toe like him.

How are you and Daddy different?
|| Because I have blue eyes and he has brown eyes.

How do you know Daddy loves you?
|| Because he says he loves me all the time to me.

What does Daddy like most about your Mommy?
|| You are so beautiful.

Where is Daddy's favorite place to go?
|| To the football stadium.

Where is Daddy's least favorite place to go?
|| Goodwill. That was easy.

How old was Daddy when you were born?
|| Twenty-five maybe?


Happy early Father's Day, William! We love you!!

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