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A few weekends ago we took Adrienne to her first baseball game. It was magical. There was lots of warm sun, rainbow kisses, and a tiny pink flower crown. And I had needed those three things in my life so desperately.

That day was spent playing ball, watching other people play ball, and stuffing our faces with so much popcorn and peanuts that our lips were puffed from all the salt intake. Basically tasty times.

I love these two people with my whole heart. I'm so very lucky.

I was wearing a striped skirt c/o Yogi Clothing. Adrienne was wearing red Sun San saltwater sandals, a flower crown that we made, and a dress from Old Navy.


  1. So what was WILLIAM wearing? Walmart couture? Haha

  2. The 5th picture from the bottom is PERFECTION. Kids make the greatest faces. What a fun family outing!


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