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Instagramin' Lately

|| thiskid || it feels like summer || purple on purple || diy coaster || keepsake sophie || my friends are better than yours || extra cream ||

|| fam || my old school workout cassette || hi cute little blabla || crystal rock growing || once upon a story mushroom || easter madness || truly sanctuary reppin' ||

|| what i wore || easter books || don't mind if i do || green thumb biznass || my heart || mini arteest || bucks ||

|| mother's day happies || vintage || clover buds || root beer float || another blabla lovie || true story || spybag ||

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  1. umm that bag in the bottom right looks like it should be mine...please share. And I adore the one of your girly holding her doll! Happy belated mama's day!

  2. The photo of you and Adrienne "kissing" is uhhhh-dorable. Love.


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