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Winsome Words Wednesday

This week has been a long one. And it's only half way through.

We lost a family member yesterday. One that was still young. He had so much life left to live.

Death is the strangest thing to deal with. You don't expect to lose people. But it's inevitable.

I don't know which is worse. Knowing somebody doesn't have much longer to live, or them being taken from you without any notice.

My mother passed away from a heart attack a few years ago. It was the darkest time in my life.

I just knew for sure she would come home after being in the hospital. I talked to her on the phone the night before she was to be discharged. She was ready to get out of there and wanted to be home.

She wanted to hold me. She wanted to hold Adrienne.

My mother told me that she loved me so very much. And she was so proud of me. And then she said she had to go. It was 8:30, Sunday night. No more calls after that. Hospital rules.

The hospital was discharging her. That meant everything was going to be okay. I just knew it would. She was so strong. I didn't have any doubts.

The next morning, my child woke me up by cooing. We were asleep together in my mom's bed. I turned over to see the biggest smile I had ever seen on her tiny little face. She was looking up at the ceiling. She started giggling so hard, while trying to desperately grab something in front of her.

In that moment, I felt something that I will remember always. It was a feeling of calmness. And reassurance that everything was going to be okay. And so much love. I felt so much love.

My mother had passed away. I didn't know until forty minutes later.

After the storm of emotions, I realized my six-month-old child had seen my mother one last time in bed that morning.

That moment in time is engraved into my soul.


Winsome Words Wednesday is a little different today. I want to share this video about Zach Sobiech. The 22 minutes of this video is worth every tear shed.

Life is about living it to the fullest.
It's about being genuine and kind.
It's about helping others.
It's about knowing that life isn't forever.
That it's very short in the grand scheme of things.

Life is to always be cherished.

Rest in sweet peace Zach. Prayers to his beautiful family and all the families in Oklahoma. And Boston. And anyone else that needs uplifting.

I can't stress enough how important it is to love your loves. Never let them forget that.


I will be out of town for the rest of the week. I'll be with my family during this time of darkness. Except it won't be dark. It will be full of family and laughter and remembrance of my dear cousin.

I will be back Tuesday.

I hope everyone has an amazing Memorial weekend.


  1. Sorry you lost your mother & another family member. :( I hope your heart heals with time!

    1. Thank you! It does get hard growing up and realizing that losing family and friends will happen, sooner or later. You just never know. But- I'm one strong mama!

  2. I'm so sorry for you... This literally brought me to tears. I have nightmares about what I will do when I lose a parent, when I lose my mother. I call her for everything from how long to boil an egg to real legit life problems...thank you for reminding me to cherish every phone call.

    1. That's how I was! I'd call her just to sit on the phone and talk about Dexter and which serial killer he murdered. I mean, the smallest things I'd call her to ask for her thoughts. That's so hard to not be able to. Not to be able to ask her this or that. Mehhh. I'd like to think that when I do find an answer now, it's her somehow telling me what to do.

      And yes, cherish every. single. phone call.

  3. Thinking of you all. Your story about your Mother is amazing, and written so beautifully. xo.

    1. Kisses to you. Thanks for the sweet comment and for always making me chuckle.

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