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ThredUP's Day One Look

Hey lovelies! I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend filled with lots of glittered ish. We did. We even found a vintage RCA record player at Greatwill. Like one of those big cabinet things that your parents had in the 80's (where everything was Hall & Oates and nothing hurt). 

That said, thrift-shopping owns muh face. I love the thrill of never knowing what a store has. Sometimes you find complete treasures. Other times you come out empty-handed and needing to be slathered in Germ-X. That's where ThredUP, an online consignment store, comes into play.

ThredUP buys clothes that take up valuable space in your closet. Then they resale them at amazing prices. They have so many designers and even have children's clothes. Like baby Zara. I die.

So when ThredUP contacted me about picking out a week's worth of clothes, I was all like, let me pull up a chair, raise my eyebrow, and think about that one for a hawt minute. Um. Yes. I'm game.

I literally spent five hours on their website going through not even half of their clothes. And thank sweet baby Jesus that I didn't have to go through the kid's clothes. I'd probably still be going through everything three months later. 

So, this week, I'm going to be doing things a little differently. Each day I'm going to "model" a different item I received from ThredUP. Good luck to everyone involved.

Spoiler alert: I'm a blogger, not a model. I love being behind the camera. I like that feeling of being in control. I get super awkward being the subject. And then I have no idea how to work my camera on the whole self-timer mode. And how to pose. I just hit the self-timer button and press my luck. That's basically my strategy. Perhaps you have a different method. And that's okay.

Day one: I received a Nick and Mo peasant style dress from ThredUP. The price? $17.49. I paired it with my Minnetonka suede back zippered moccasins and Ray Ban Wayfarers. I also added a little thrifted belt.

And I have no idea why I'm looking at the sun in most of the photos. It's obviously my go-to pose. Bam.


  1. Girlfraaaand...holla! You have got to do this type of post more often! Excellent choice on the dress, it's super cute! And you did good with the moccasins! Love it!!

  2. You are such a stunna!!! Loving the outfit! and my parents have one of those RCA record players in our basement still, so many childhood memories!


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