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Almost Famous

If you haven't already watched this little gem of a video, you are quite possibly missing out, oh and I totally originally typed jem, because I'll be forever committed to 1988 where everything was neon and nothing hurt.

Let me just say that I'm pretty much famous. When I first saw this clip, I was literally shaking and clutching my imaginary pearls all whilst repeating to myself, I made it. I really made it.

And where did I actually make it, you ask? To prime time telaaavision, ya'll. Straight American dreamin'. Ba da ba ba ba, I'm lovin' it.

Big thanks to Billy Eichner from "Funny or Die's Billy on the Streets" for shouting out my blog and being funny as eff on the regular. And for being so weird. Because we welcome strange around here. Catch new episodes of his beyond hilarious show Fridays at 10/9c on FUSE!

Also, kudos to that legit break dancer for actually knowing Coffee and Cashmere isn't a lame Train song! ::virtual high fives::

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