Stuffed Strawberries

Can we talk about Valentine's day for a brief minute? I've never been a big fan. It's totally the worst Hallmark holiday. Ever. You usually get your hopes up every year, only to be crushed. Or maybe just me? Like the time I got a speeding ticket on Valentine's. That was a good one. Or years ago when William and I drank a little too much at a Valentine's party, which ended in us having a huge argument and him going to sleep passing straight out in a friend's car. I pretty much left him in it.

I mean I love holidays, but Valentine's? Let's not, okay? 

William is going to read this and make a big stink saying not all have been bad. And he is right. There have been one or two good ones. Like last year I awoke to a fancy smancy breakfast. And to a completely destroyed kitchen. What can I say? He is a man and cleaning up isn't his forte. Plus, I think the saying goes, "It's the thought that counts." Or something like that. 

Anygetoutofhereheartday, if you are looking for something to whip up on Thursday, give these little guys a chance. Stuffed strawberries literally melt in your mouth-parts. Plus, cream cheese is involved. Win. Win.

Stuffed Strawberries
|| ingredients ||
1 lb package of Strawberries
1 box Cream Cheese
2-4 tablespoons Powered Sugar
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
Graham Crackers

- Rinse strawberries and then cut the tops off. Then slice them down the center so you have two halves.

- Beat cream cheese, powered sugar, and vanilla extract together in a mixing bowl. 

- Spoon mixture into a Ziploc bag. Snip the corner off. Pipe the cream cheese mixture onto the tops of the strawberry halves. I used the Pampered Chef's Easy Accent Decorator for my piping.

- Chop graham crackers into crumbs. Sprinkle over the strawberries. 

- Devour.

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