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Dolls for Dolls

My child is crazy lucky. She is adorable, extremely loved, and gets all the good stuff. All the time. Like this rag doll she named Daisy from Mizy.me. It's a handmade cloth dolly that dresses better than I do. From the removable bow in her hair down to her red glittered shoes, this doll has major appeal.

Adrienne is really into undressing and redressing her babies, and this one is no different. Daisy's dress and fur stole can both be removed. Perfect for a child that mommies her babies. My heart just melts when I watch her imagination soar. She's so gentle and affectionate with her dolls. And if they've been really ornery, she'll put them in time out. I guess she's learning from the best.

Mizy.me was started by a young designer who worked for numerous big name brands. She decided to start her own business by making fashion dolls. And boy are we glad she did. Her take on the classic rag doll is amazing. They are now hip and feminine. No Raggedy Anns around these parts. Just stylish plush friends for my child to hug on. And that's just what she does.

On top of making super cute dolls for adults like me children, they also give back. Mizy.me recently created a doll that helps children with cancer. The Jude doll is all about finding beauty within. And it always helps to have a little friend to snuggle with when you aren't feeling well. Plus, 20% of the sales from that doll will go directly to St. Jude's hospital! And that makes so very happy. Helping people is what it's really all about.

I love how children are mostly oblivious to hardships. Everything is usually rainbows and unicorns and that's how it should be. Mizy.me just reinforces that kind of blissful kiddie lifestyle.

If you have fallen in love with this doll, check out all the other amazing ones at Mizy.me. There are some great sales going on right now! Mizy.me is also offering my readers 10% off their order! Use the coupon code CoffeeandCashmere at checkout!

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  1. Umm this baby is too cute and too chic...red shoes? fur? love it!!

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