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Rag Dolls

Our household is obsessed with Bonnie, a handmade doll from Milipa. She came all the way from Italy just to be best friends with Adrienne. And bffs are just what they are. Those two have been pretty much inseparable. 

When Adrienne opened the package, she screamed, "Bonnie! My Bonnie!" I was like, whaa? You remembered her name? We hadn't talked about the dolly since the day we picked her out. Are three year olds supposed to have long term memory? I didn't know.

Anyhoo, my child has fallen in love with Bonnie, as have we. Even her daddy said she was one of the prettiest dollies he has ever seen. You just can't beat handmade. And all Milipa's toys are just that. The detail in their plushes are incredible. From rag dolls, to stuffed mice and clouds, each is beautifully original.

Here are a few of the photos of the two new best frands. I have a feeling they will be close for a very long time. And check out that packaging little Bonnie came in. It's like a straight old school parcel from the streets of Italy. ::swoon::

Post script- My grandfather was from Italy, so this doll means a lot to me, too. I love how Bonnie will be one of those timeless keepsakes. One my child and I will cherish forever. Be sure to check out Milipa and fall in love. There is also a Milipa Facebook page for more cuteness on the regular!

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  1. I voted for your blog!! I just posted about an awesome etsy find too.... love finding good deals and quality products! Cute blog and ADORABLE daughter! :)

  2. Aww that is just the sweetest!! I love that Raegan loves baby dolls...and I totally agree with the meaningful ones...her great grandmother collects Raggedy Ann dolls and sent one to Rae and it's just so special to see her loving on a doll that has truly stood the test of time!


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