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Childrens Bed Shop

TGIF, guys! We are wrapping up this week with Adrienne's birthday! She is four. What the ever loving what?! How did this possibly happen so fast and WHY? This is the first year we aren't having a huge party for her. It's just going to be her, William, and I, with cake, steak (her request), and presents. And I'm totally happy with that.

In other nonrelated news, I wanted to share another fabulous UK based business, Childrens Bed Shop. They take pride in offering gorgeous children's furniture at a fraction of the cost and delivering it straight to your doorstep (in the UK) without any hiccups.

Childrens Bed Shop is also having a midsleeper bed sale. Midsleepers are perfect for little rooms with not a lot of space. These beds are built like bunk beds and offer tons of storage space.

I decided to create a little girl's room using furniture that can be purchased at Childrens Bed Shop. I also made a room for a little boy.

Be sure to check out Childrens Bed Shop and like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!


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