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Y'all. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I can't believe it. This year has completely flown by. I feel like I'm getting too old too fast and will probably continually complain about how this time thing is a crock of ish. 

Since we are on the verge of Christmas, I thought I should talk about jewels. One of my favorite online jewelry stores is Benna. Every single time I look on their website, I legitimately start to drool. 

This amazing jewelry company was started by a young jewelry designer named Benna Harry. She hand picks all of the jewelry to make sure each piece is both exquisite and cutting-edge, just like their collection of gold designer charm bracelets. Any of these bracelets would make a great gift. Benna also has many amazing jewelry designers. Jewelry designer Sydney Evan is one of them. 

Here are just some of my favorite pieces from Benna. It was super hard to narrow it down to just these.

Be sure to check out Benna on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


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