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Tiny Prints

Guess what? All my Christmas cards were sent TWO WEEKS ago. High fives myself. I'm so proud. I usually don't get them out until right before Santa comes, but better late than never. Amirite? Yes.

This year, just like last year, we went with my absolute favorite card making company, Tiny Prints. They are amazing. The quality of their cards is also exceptional. And their prices? Affordable. What's not to love?

For my Christmas 2013 cards, I wanted something that stood out. I was drawn immediately to their new foil stamped holiday cards. Each of these cards are hand stamped with real foil for an extra wow factor. 

After looking through all their cards twice, I ended up picking the Joyful Glow Christmas cards. Something about shiny, gold balls gets me every time.

Since I didn't have time to take any holiday photos of Adrienne (this move has killed me), I picked out one of my recent favorite photos, uploaded them to Tiny Prints, changed a few colors around, added our names, and wham, bam, thank you ma'am, I was done. There is also an option to put photos on the backs, but I chose to go the less is more route this year. 

These Tiny Print cards are so beautiful. They are thick and feel like an actual card. I love having these Christmas memories of Adrienne each year. They're magical.

I keep thinking that I won't be able to top last year's cards, but then I do. My child keeps getting more and more beautiful. #truth

 Be sure to check out the cards Tiny Prints made for me last year seen here. And for you slackers, order today and you can still have your cards by Friday!

Annnd if you are 21 and up, you should go back and take a gulp of a grown up bev each time I type the word cards. Just thank me later.

My Christmas cards c/o Tiny Prints.

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