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Tiny Prints Christmas Cards


If you are pretty sure you are getting a holiday card from me, DO NOT scroll down. Especially if you like the element of surprise. Because I'm about to talk Christmas cards. Our Christmas cards. If you'd like to see them, continue on.

The past two years we've made Christmas cards for our family and frands. I still don't know exactly why I go through the trouble. The taking of one hundred gazillion shots to get my kid to look adorable in just one, the editing, the ordering, the money spent, the addressing all those cards, the stamp buying, the walking to the mail box, just to get a few holiday cards in return. I know Christmas is about giving and all that jazz. But, what can I say, I like GETTING.

Maybe I just don't have enough frands that have kids or family that doesn't get into sending out well wishes via snail mail anymore. Whatever it is, it makes me kind of sad face. So, if you are still reading this because you are nosy and know my address, send me a damn Christmas card already. It can even be a Kwanzaa card. I'm not picky.

Our first Christmas card of Adrienne I used Shutterfly.  The second year I went with them, again. I was happy with the outcome of the two previous years using that company to make my Christmas cards. Both cards did their job by showcasing the cuteness of my kid and being very reasonably priced. But, on the other hand, they looked a tad bit cheap and thin. I guess you get what you pay for.

AnyChristmastimeisstressfulandexpensive, Tiny Prints, a stylish and innovative card company, who merged with Shutterfly last year, basically whipped up my 2012 Christmas cards and shipped them in record time. Me getting them sent out to my peeps as fast as Tiny Prints? Not happening.

The cards I received from Tiny Prints are pretty amazing. The card itself is huge. It's wider than the previous years and looks like an actual card. It's a lot thicker, too. Plus, when you turn the card over, the back has a coordinating color scheme AND three more pictures of my kiddo. Hey-oh. I also love how it fits in a frame, unlike those other weirdly long and skinny Christmas cards from years past. The card just feels more expensive, too. Maybe that's because it is. Their holiday cards range from just under a dollar to a little over four dollars. The particular card I made was $2.39 a piece (depending on how many ordered).

The editing on the Tiny Prints website is exceptional and the customer service is even better. I'm super happy with their product. I am pretty sure I'll be using them next holiday season. I have my eyes on these these circle cards. How awesome would it be to give these out so your receiver could hang them on their Christmas trees? Very.

Festive Feliz Holiday Cards c/o Tiny Prints

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