Can I just talk about how my child is some kind of serious? Good. I never know what's going to come out of her mouth. She can sing her whole alphabet, spell her name, and count to 15 in Spanish (thanks Dora!), not always on cue, only when she really wants to. But when I ask her to do something (like after repeating myself four times) she says, "Oh muh gowsh mama, AL-WHITE. I hear youwa." ::blank stare:: She is two almost three. Two almost three year olds aren't even supposed to be able to talk. Oh. They are? I didn't know. This is my first rodeo.

Adrienne is a people person. She makes just about anyone smile from ear to ear. When she stomps into a room, the inhabitants are immediately captivated by her aura. Those people turn into her audience and she puts on a magnificent show.

That said, she's is also bilingual. She knows English and Dance. She can get down like no other child I've seen. She was born into music. Her daddy is a musician, so it's naturally in her blood. As soon as those little ears hear any kind of beat, her ocean colored eyes sparkle so bright, and she cuts a mini sized rug. A hilarious one at that. 

She can also throw a horrendous temper tantrum. Like her head turning all the way around tantrum. Projectile vomit and everything. But a split nano second later say, "Hey, Mommy? Mommy. I love our house," just out of the blue. And like magic, my wanting to drown myself in red wine is gone. My heart gets all warm and fuzzy like, and the need to hug and eat her cheeks envelopes me. Those are the moments I drink in. 

No, actually I devour each and every moment, the good and the bad. Even in times of pure sass like I captured in the photo above. Adrienne is so awesome and brilliant  She's just a cool kid. And boy, is she beautiful. I'm so very lucky that I'm her mom.

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  1. Hey! Just stumbled upon your blog while browsing topmommyblogs and I'm glad I did. Your daughter is too cute! I can relate to the sass, my little girl is just 10.5 months and ever since the day she was born it was "I want what I want when I want it"...I keep saying she's going to learn to talk early just to tell me NO :) Anyways, I enjoyed reading through your blog, I'll be following!

    1. Thank you for coming over to my neck of the woods!! And thank you for the kind words. My kid is pretty darn cute. I think I'll keep her ;] Haha. Wait for it. "No" will happen before you know it.

  2. That picture cracks. me. up. She seems like one super fun piece of work!


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