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DIY Gifts: Words of Wisdom Canvas

I made this canvas for Adrienne's room a few weeks ago. I really love personalized artwork. And this is super easy to make. It can be made with lyrics from a song, quotes from your favorite book, or just names of your loved ones. Easy to customize. Plus, you can't really mess up. Unless you spell a word wrong. Which, believe me, it happens.

DIY Words of Wisdom Canvas
|| supplies ||

- The gist of this is pretty simple. Pick a saying that means a lot to you, free hand the letters onto paper (or print out letters), cut them out, and lay out on the canvas.

- This was the tricky part for me. I held the letters down while I painted over them with pink acrylic paint. It was super tedious, trying not to get paint under the letters. I'm pretty sure they have some sort of spray adhesive that would work better. Googled it: Martha Stewart Stencil Adhesive Spray. Bam.

- After I painted the whole thing pink, you could stop there and pull the letters up before the canvas is dry. Or go the route I went down and splatter paint the ish outta it. Then pull the letters up before it dries. And voila. Handmade work of art. It would be a super cool gift.

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