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Waris Dirie and ViX Giveaway

Last week, ViX swimwear contacted me about sharing an amazing story. I don't know about you guys, but when I saw an email from ViX swimwear I pretty much freaked my freak. I've always been a fan of their swimsuits. They are super classy with just the right amount of sexy.

When I started reading this email, my heart began to sink. Waris Dirie was brought to my attention. I know who the beautiful Somalian model is, but I didn't know her history. At the height of her modeling career in 1997, she told a horrible story about the female genital mutilation (FGM) she endured as a small child. The very next year, she published her first book called Desert Flower, which tells the story of the supermodel who went from drifting around the Somali desert to working with the world's top designers and walking the hottest runways. A movie about her life came out a few years ago with the same name. Waris Dirie has also won many awards and worked to end FGM, something that sickeningly affects 140 million females worldwide.

Moved by Waris Dirie's story, ViX designer Paula Hermanny curated a beautiful line of African-inspired resort-wear that will be featured on their website this month through December. And for every piece of this collection sold, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Waris Dirie's Desert Flower Foundation. Very cool.

I don't know anything about FGM, but I can imagine. Having an almost three year old daughter scares the living ish out of me. I never let this kid out of my sight. I grew up knowing that actual monsters do exist. My mother used to work in the state prison as a criminal psychologist. It was ingrained into my brain that there are some pretty horrible humans walking around. My mom was overprotective and taught me at an early age about the dangers of the world. Especially about the men who prey on kids. I'd kill anyone who messed with my child. Without a second thought.

Anystartingtogetreallyangryatmen, ViX is giving you readers a chance to win an item from their "Desert Flower" collection. There will be nine winners in all, and you can enter as many times as you want!

Go HERE to enter the contest on their Facebook page. Share this empowering story of achieving your dreams no matter what life throws at you. Women need to help women. And mos def bring an end to FGM. The contest ends on November 20th, 2012.

Thank you ViX for bringing this story to my attention. And thank you to Waris Dirie for being such a strong and beautiful woman, who wasn't scared to share her story.


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