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Sponsor Highlight: Charm City Babies

"Co-founders Scott Smith and Richie Frieman share many of the same interests including music, pop culture, vintage designs, a good t-shirt, and most importantly, their families. As fathers of little ones themselves, Scott and Richie were disenchanted by the limited and basic offerings of designs on children's clothes and wanted to do something about it.

The idea was born when Richie came to visit the new addition to Scott's family and saw the custom made outfit Leyton was wearing. After discussing the lack of "cool" options available in stores, Richie and Scott decided to create a line of baby clothing that had the same vintage, rock, and pop culture inspired style that they would want on shirts for themselves, only geared towards babies.

While bouncing design ideas back and forth, Richie and Scott decided that they wanted to do more than just keep babies looking cool - they wanted to help out those in need. By donating a piece of clothing to charity for every one sold through the Charm City Babies website, Richie and Scott are not only helping babies in need, but are also helping to spread the CCB style.

Charm City Babies works tirelessly with children’s hospitals, NICU's, children centers, and organizations around the world to offer children a chance to start their lives not only comfortably but in style as well."

I really love this brand and what these guys do. You can read my full review and see some adorbable photos  of Adrienne wearing one of their onesies HERE

I just want to express how important our sponsors are. I spend a great deal of time on this blog, and these sponsors help me keep my passion alive. By my sponsors supporting me, and my readers checking out my sponsors and supporting them, it's a win win sitch. I believe Oprah would call that a full circle moment

And to you readers I'm giving you a big, loud high five. And a HUGE thanks. And another thank you so very much to Charm City Babies. Seriously, you are going to want to click on that link. Hello vintage and rocker chic children's clothes. 

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