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Chez Chic

I want to mention our High Roller Sponsor of November, Chez Chic. They specialize in infant and toddler bedding. They also do custom orders.

"We offer custom-made products for infants and toddlers, in a pleasing palette of soft, breathable fabrics. Our fashion, decor, and bedding provide an opportunity for you to add flair and style to your home and create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your children."

Chez Chic sent Adrienne their beautiful Fairy Tale Flannel duvet cover and pillowcase. I'm so in love with this print. The fabric is super soft and warm, with nursery rhyme characters all over. I want to keep my child as young as I can. She can have all those flowered and grown up looking bedspreads when she gets older. I mean, I can't get away with wanting her to have a nursery rhyme printed duvet cover when she is eight. So, I'll do it now. And love every Humpty Dumpty minute of it.

Duvet cover and pillow case in Fairy Tale Flannel by Chez Chic. I want to thank Chez Chic for making such wonderful children bedding and accessories! Bitty Baby doll by American Girl

Disclaimer 1: Adrienne's bed is never that bare. She, up until recently, slept with ten different things, two blankets, her bedspread, and two pillows. She barely had enough room to sleep. I have gotten her down to three babies, one pillow, her blanket, and comforter. Winning.

Disclaimer 2: My child still sleeps in her crib. And she is about to be three. I told you I'm keeping her as young as possible. She has never tried to climb out of her crib, though. I think she feels comforted and safe in it. And that's fine by me.

Disclaimer 3: My camera is also on the brink. The above pictures ended up so dark. Hopefully Santa will bring me a brand new one! I've been such a good girl!!

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  1. When Lovebug was 20 months someone was like... does he climb out of his crib? And I was like... nope never. And that very same night the kid turned into a ninja and scaled his crib like it was no big thang. Sigggggh... I would have kept in there forever too... I'm jealous that you've got your baby where she belongs.

    1. You make me giggle. Babies stay in cribs I tell ya! Or at least mine does. I hope forever!! I can't really make her do that, can I?


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