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Halloween 3.0

Trick or treating this year was a tad better than last year's. I didn't have to carry a then almost two year old around by myself in the swarms of candy fueled humans like the previous year. This year William came with us. It was actually his first time ever to go door to door asking strangers for candy. His parents didn't believe in all that jazz when he was a youngster. After Wednesday night's headache, I can totes see why his parents didn't.

We got Adrienne dressed up, then we met our friends. We all piled into one vehicle and headed out into the unknown to the Halloween festivities  The first stop was a jam packed church function that had the jumpy houses, food, and mini games for the kiddos. Adrienne was basically a space cadet, trying to take in as much as possible, not watching where she was going, and mos def not listening. Basically the norm. It was like we were herding squirrels. I mean, you know what I mean. Impossible.

We left that jaunt after our bellies were full and balloon animals were made. We were ready to walk up and down rando streets and tell our kids to run up to doors and demand candy. I haven't been actual trick or treating since I was around eleven. I couldn't even remember what to do. The lights on mean they are handing out candy, right? No? They aren't coming to the door? Bang harder kids! 

Towards the end of this holiday night, it was cold, and we didn't have the energy of these kids who we were trying to drag in the right directions. The houses were giving out one piece of candy per kiddo ::blink blink:: and we had had enough. It was time to go home and check the candy basket for the good stuff that we needed to confiscate, because, well, that's our job.

Next year, I'm pretty sure we are just dressing our tiny sized human up and hiding candy in our yard. Like Easter. Sans eggs and headaches. Win. Win.

I put her Mud Pie tutu under the Big Bird costume, making it more puffy. I added a long sleeve pink shirt, hot pink stockings, and her Garanimals hightops. I was pretty pleased with the cuteness.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! 

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  1. Adorable! Awesome job sprucing up her costume! :)

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