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Elliott's Fancy Dress

I'm going to start off by giving a full disclaimer. I'm located in the southern half of the United States. But, for some reason, I have a big following over in the UK. The British obviously know what's up. I mean, because, Coffee and Cashmere is pretty legit. #justsayin #helloroyals

Anyimhungryforcrumpetsnow, I'm going to be sharing yet another great company located overseas, Elliott's Fancy Dress. They offer a wide range of fancy dress costumes for us big kids. Some are downright awesome. I mean there is a BACON costume. Ohandplusalso? A friggin FRAGGLE ROCK MOKEY costume. And yes that had to be in caps to show my excitement. How did Halloween just pass without me knowing something that amazing even existed? Because that costume is my childhood.

Elliott's Fancy Dress also has costumes for the littles. From a little Michael Jackson to a very strange WWII evacuee costume (huh?), there is obviously something for everybody.

Elliott's Fancy Dress also offers book week fancy dress costumes online. Book week is an event in schools where a child picks out a book and reads it by a certain date. Then a big party is held, and the children dress up as the characters of the book they read. When I was little, we had Book It. You read so many books a month and you got a pizza from Pizza Hut. That's what we call motivation over here in the States.

Elliot's Fancy Dress

Be sure to check out all the other amazing costumes on Elliott's Fancy Dress and like them on Facebook.


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