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Matilda Jane Giveaway [OVER]

This giveaway is now OVER. Congrats Elizabeth C.! You have won a $50 gift card to Matilda Jane! A big thanks to everyone who entered this great giveaway!

Let me just say that long are the days where my child was a fat "baby fat fat" in super adorable smocked bubbles and dresses. Now she is a four year old cool kid. One that likes tee-shirts and not seersucker rompers. Well, okay, I still stuff her in smocked dresses on occasion, but before long, she won't like the clothes I pick out. She will want Birkenstocks instead of those cute Ked's, HAVE TO order from dELiA*s, MOM!, and she'll need a phone line in her room like her little life depends on it. Who are you going to talk to? Boys? NO! I don't know. Muh friends?

Okay, let's be real. That was me and not my Adrienne. Because, hello, landlines.

Anyhoo, I'm getting way ahead of myself. But, since I do still get to pick out Adrienne's clothes, (thank you sweet baby Jesus) I now choose Matilda Jane.

Matilda Jane is a little girl's clothing company that even caters to the tween age group. They also recently have started offering a selection of clothing for women. Another cool thing about Matilda Jane is that you can become a Trunk Keeper. That basically means you go to people's house, set up shop, and sell Matilda Jane clothes. Or, you can have a Trunk Keeper come to your house to have a Matilda Jane party!

Since these clothes are super well made, they last, and people will pay great money for used Matilda Jane outfits. After your kiddo has outgrown their Matilda Jane duds, you can resale them for close to retail price! Hey-oh!

Bottom line, Matilda Jane clothes are so ridiculously cute. There are so many different patterns and fabrics to choose from. The outfits can all be mixed and matched, too. Once you put your little girl in these clothes, you will get addicted. #anotheraddiction

The outfit Adrienne is wearing is from the Paint By Numbers collection.

Now you can enter to win a $50 gift card to Matilda Jane! For your chance to win, just log into the Rafflecopter below (or make a new Rafflecopter account), and follow the directions for each entry. Please make sure to actually do what's required for each entry. If you just click enter and not do what it's asking, I'll know. If you are unsure how to do one, skip it and contact me. I can't stress this enough. I go back and check to make sure the winner actually did what was required. I will not let cheaters win. DON'T CHEAT. Meh. 

This giveaway is now OVER. Congrats Elizabeth C.! You have won a $50 gift card to Matilda Jane! A big thanks to everyone who entered this great giveaway!

And don't forget to earn extra entries by tagging your friends on the picture of this giveaway on Coffee and Cashmere's Instagram account (@coffeeandcashmerelove). Follow BOTH @coffeeandcashmerelove and @matildajaneclothing. Then tag as many friends as you want in separate comments on the giveaway photo! The more the merrier!

This giveaway will end Monday, January 27th, 2013. One winner will be picked at random via Rafflecopter. The winner will receive a $50 gift card from Matilda Jane. The winner will be announced on coffeeandcashmere.com and will also be notified via email. The winner will have ONE week to respond to the email to claim their prize. If a winner never responds, a second winner will be picked at random.

A big thanks to Matilda Jane for teaming up with me on this great giveaway.

Adrienne is also wearing Converse All Stars shoes and she's holding a Blabla doll.

Congrats to Jackson C. for winning my last great giveaway!


  1. I love the Butternut Tank Dress.


  2. Love giveaways!! I don't have daughters to put in MJ clothes but I love some of the adult pieces for myself! Favorite has to be the Sandy too Pants! Love them :)

  3. Calypso! Size 3! We don't have any MJ yet' ! Xo

  4. Oh my goodness..how about all of them!?
    This one for my 6 month old:
    Way too cute!!

  5. I really like it all. The paint by number collection is so cute!

  6. Thanks for the chance to win. I like the Wonderful Winter Knot Dress!

  7. So pretty https://www.matildajaneclothing.com/d14108-calypso-dress

  8. Love Matilda Jane! Even my husband is hooked ;)

    1. My favorite is the Dragonfly Satine Dress!

  9. I have two girls and love SOOO much, but I really adore the knot dresses! Probably the Feist knot dress the best! :) Thanks so much for the chance!

  10. I'm in love with the Wisteria No-Knot Dress!

  11. I like the Driftwood Lap Dress
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  12. Thanks for the giveaway! All their clothes are soo cute!

  13. Oh and I really like their knot tops/dresses

  14. The ANASTASIYA dress is gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  15. i love the atmosphere dress!!!!

  16. I love the Juliet Cardigan! Thank you for the chance to win something beautiful from this shop!


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