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Hello 2014, Welcome to My Life. Part II

TGIF, dolls! I wanted to stop by with the second part of my yearly recap. Be sure to check out part one HERE!

I love April. It's my birthday month, and it's the start of gorgeous weather. I started off by sharing some awesome, sun-shiny photos of Adrienne wearing a tee from Once Upon a Story.

I blogged this oldie but goodie recipe from Adrienne's second birthday party, Rice Krispie ice cream cones!

I talked about being a straight sell out and painting birdhouses in this post.

I shared some super sweet photos from when Adrienne's Uncle "Buh" came for a visit.

I also teamed up with Skechers for an Earth Day post!

I teamed up with one of my favorite companies ever, Truly Sanctuary, for a great giveaway. You will need to check out their cool ish.

I hosted a great giveaway featuring Egg clothing. I love the colors in these photos. Light green foreves.

And lastly, I talked about the senseless act in Boston

I started May off by sharing some gorgeous photos of Adrienne with her Blabla doll

And then I also hosted a Blabla giveaway and turned the photos into a story.

We went to our first family baseball game. But sans the cracker jacks.

The sponsor highlight of the month was Plato Squirrel. This company is fantastic. And their quilts are to die for.

I shared a few Instagram photos in this post.

I modeled Wired Jewelry by Jenna. Don't laugh.

And lastly, this Winsome Words Wednesday post about losing family members.

June was a super huge month for Coffee and Cashmere. I got to work with American Girl. I've loved this magical company since I was eight years old! That's what Oprah would call "a full circle moment". 

I also got to work with another amazing company, Freshly Picked Moccasins. 

 We had a little family visit. And some bookstore fun.

And I hosted a great giveaway featuring Lenny Mud. This spoon rest is still the best thing in my kitchen.

I shared photos of my recently enjoyed things.

 And gave deets on this incredibly easy DIY cake stand! I love making these for gifts!

And last, but certainly not least, I talked about my bestie of TWENTY YEARS. Whoa. We really aren't that old. And oh hey blonde hair!

And that's the end of part two of my yearly recap.

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