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Hanging with Uncle Buh

Gosh. I'm so over this warm one day, freezing the next weather thing we have going on. My sinuses can't take it anymore. My head has felt like it's going to explode right off my neck. And I'd probably be okay with it. This sinus pressure is some kind of serious ish, folks. 

And to top off my sinus probs, I woke up this morning with an eye infection. Wuuut. the. WHAT?! I'm pretty much falling apart. I had to take out my contacts and am now wearing my coke bottle glasses that give me an awful case of tunnel vision. I'm just basically winging it. I'm surprised I'm even blogging. Freals. I mean I really can't even.

I'm being a totally Debbie Downs. I know. I just had to rant. I'd rather sprinkle glitter and fairy dust than vomit my probs anyways. So, here you go, photos of Adrienne hanging out with her fav uncle, Uncle Buh. 

My head feels better just looking at those ginormous cheeks. 

Adrienne's hairclip c/o Jayln's Joy Headbands

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