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Rice Krispie Ice Cream Cones

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! We for sure did. It consisted of everything bunny related. Natch.

I wanted to stop in and share this recipe for Rice Krispie ice cream cones. I made them for my child's first birthday, and the pictures are from then. Sorry they aren't super profesh. I was a beginner. 

Rice Krispie Ice Cream Cones
|| ingredients ||
Kid Size Ice Cream Cones (in the ice cream cone section of Walmart)
Melting Chocolate or Almond Bark
Sprinkles (optional)
Cherry Sours (for the cherries, obvs.)
1 batch of Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats (use the recipe on the box)

- Take out the cones and put enough M&M's to weight them down. Toppled Rice Krispie cones aren't attractive.

- Make the Rice Krispie treats according to the instructions on the box. Allow to cool after you have poured the mix in a large bowl. When they are cool enough to handle, spray a cookie scoop with Pam. Or, you can just use your hands like I did. I sprayed my hands with cooking oil. Get a small scoop and stuff it onto the cone.

- Melt the chocolate or almond bark. I just used a spoon and drizzled the candy over the Rice Krispies. Add the cherry to the top! Easy Peasy. Store in the fridge until ready to serve.

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