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Skechers and Earth Day

When I was contacted by Skechers a few weeks ago, I literally freaked my freak. Not only because I've practically grown up with this shoe company, but because they are THISBIG, yet they contacted littleoldme.

I pretty much had my fingers crossed that they would send me their light up shoes. I mean those jams were like my second grade life. I'm also a big advocate for the never growing up trend. But Skechers basically gave me the side-eye via email and told me they didn't have those in my size, but they did have plenty of Bobs that would fit my feet. I picked out the eco-linen Helping Hands and I was in business.

These guys are my new favorite go to shoes. They are so incredibly lightweight that I forget I'm even wearing them. Bobs required no breaking in. They just went from the box to my tootsies and fell madly in love with each other. The end. They also fit pretty true to size. I wear a size six in sandals, but a seven in sneakers slash boots. The size six in Bobs fit me like a champ. Er glove. Um, shoe?

Not only does Skechers care about making earth-friendly packaging for their Bobs, they care about style. They also care about comfort and being affordable. Skechers even cares about the children. Cares hard. For each pair a person purchases, they donate a pair to a child in need. They have donated over three million pairs of shoes to children worldwide so far. Hey-oh.

When it comes to helping kiddos in need, count me in. There is just no excuse for kids to go without shoes on their little feet. But it happens. I mean I don't even like my child to be barefoot outside. Hello, I am Jade, and I'm a hovering mom. The 12 step program isn't working for me.

Anyhoo, today is Earth Day. Go out and do something good. Go plant some flowers. Go recycle. Pick up trash on the side of the road. Get crafty. Help a stranger. You know, basically stuff that should happen every day.

Treat yourself and purchase a pair of Bobs. Feel good in knowing that you're helping the world go 'round.

Helping Hands Bobs c/o Skechers


  1. Umm completely and utterly jealous that you got free shoes...new shoes are a super high for me, and knowing that I'd have a dang good excuse to buy some? Perfecto. Love what you did with the pocs, being earth day and all!

    High heeled mama

    1. Umm...that's supposed to read pics. As in pictures.

    2. Hahah! I know!! It was a super honor. Any reason to make my closet hate me even more, I'm for it. Thanks, sweetface, for the love!

  2. I love my Sketcher's Bobs! I just bought them last month, dang it, not on Earth Day...
    You can get them from RogansShoes.com with free shipping, too!


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