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An American Girl [American Girl]

Christmas morning of my eighth year of life was one of the best memories. I remember waking up with so much excitement. I tip-toed into my parents room, gently tugging on my dad's arm telling him to basically come the eff on.

My parents staggered out of bed, while my eyes were probably sparkling out of their sockets as I ran to our Christmas tree. There, underneath the branches, was the box I had been waiting so long for. It was a simple box with just two words printed on it: American Girl. If that box would have been filled with straight gold nuggets, I would have been crushed. But luckily? it wasn't. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I finally had Kirsten. She was mine.

I took that doll everywhere with me. People would always stop and exclaim that she and I looked so much alike. I loved it. I loved her.


Anyohtobeakidagain, Adrienne had no chance; she was going to play with baby dolls. For her third birthday, I gifted my Kirsten to her. At nearly twenty years old, the doll still looks new. It meant a ton for me to be able to give my American Girl doll to my child. It brings tears to my eyes now.

That doll symbolized happiness and magic and dreams. She symbolized my childhood.


Being the American Girl doll lover that I am, you can imagine my excitement when American Girl contacted me about reviewing the new Saige movie and a doll.





I literally picked up Adrienne and swung her around a few times screaming about American Girl dolls. If I wasn't her mom she would most likely think I was a wackadoodle. But, she is used to my weirdness by now.

I finally calmed down enough to tell her that American Girl wanted her to screen their new movie, Saige Paints the Sky, AND wanted her to have a Saige doll. As soon as I told her, Adrienne quickly ran to get her American Girl catalog to find which one I was talking about. We I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough. When I got to Saige, she exclaimed that was the one she had always wanted. She seriously kills me. She said Saige looked like her, and the doll even wore a dress in her favorite color, blue. THAT'S why she wanted Saige. Makes sense.

Each day, Adrienne would ask if the mail man had left her package. When it finally arrived, my kiddo freaked her little freak. I mean, this picture pretty much sums everything up.

Magic. Excitement. Dreams. All right there, folks.

Saige is a gorgeous doll. She has long, silky auburn hair, with bright blue eyes. What kills me the most are her tiny freckles. How cool are freckles? Very. She comes with her own book and comes wearing a blue dress that is embroidered around the waist. Her little ears are already pierced, something I haven't seen in person before, and she even has a tiny turquoise ring. She also comes with tall riding boots that Adrienne loved and wanted me to "go buy" her some to match. Because money is no object for a three year old.

Another cool thing about Saige is that she is a Girl of the Year doll, which means she will only be around until December. So, you will need to purchase one sooner than later. She won't be around for long. And they are also retiring Molly! The last of the originals. ::tear::

All in all, American Girl has been a staple in my life for many, many years. It's so awesome to be able to share the love of this brand with my own child now. I can't thank American Girl enough for making my 3 year old's life. No, for making so many little girl's lives.

Be sure to also check out Saige Paints the Sky when it comes to DVD on July 2nd. I will be talking about that on Monday!

Saige Copeland doll c/o American Girl.


  1. How do you go about getting contacted by companies to review;)

  2. How do you go about getting contacted by companies to review;)

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