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Anymovingboxesaren'tmyjam, this morning we have a guest speaker typer! Meet Janyse Jaud. She is an award-winning singer/songwriter, author, thinkolgist, and voiceover actress. She has even worked with clients such as Discovery, The Cartoon Network, Hasbro, Marvel, and Disney. You know, the big dawgs.

Janyse Jaud has also created a way to help empower kids. After working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, The Magic of Think® was delevloped. The Magic of Think® is a series of lesson plans that include music, activities, games, and stories that focus on academic subjects and boosting a child's self-esteem.

That said, I'm super excited to introduce Janyse Jaud of The Magic of Think®!


5 Early Childhood Techniques Taught Through The Magic of Think®
By Janyse Jaud

The Magic of Think® concept began to take flight after an amazing experience I had with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I watched a child recite every word I had performed as an animated character in his favorite television show. The show was so important to him that he made his “one wish” to meet all of us in the series. I was so touched. I will never forget that memory.

Intrigued I began to ask myself: “What if I could create a program to help children become mentally stronger?” So with a sprinkle of seriousness, a dash of humor, and a bunch of fun, The Magic of Think® was born.

There are a variety of subjects covered within The Magic of Think® program, but today I’m going to focus on a story, song and lesson that specifically deals with bullying. Following are 5 of the many techniques that I cover:
  1. Understanding and Managing Your Emotions – When we talk about our emotions it enables us to disconnect from those feelings and see ourselves in a more objective manner. We can look at the situation calmly, gain the power to make better choices, and become proactive. This is better than getting trapped into the habit of reacting, where emotions control our lives, leaving us victimized and powerless. 
  2. Metaphors – Another way to gain control over our emotions is by creating a metaphor that can defuse a negative thought. For example, the animated character in the story, Little Red, decides to think of the bully as a “boogermonger.” Creating a humorous definition and image in his mind, this metaphor helps Little Red to minimize the bully’s position and credibility. 
  3. Act As If – By using his imagination and “acting as if” he has courage, Little Red is able to act calmly and with confidence in a tense situation. 
  4. Repetition – Using visual, audio and tactile learning, the message is discovered, repeated, and reinforced in a number of ways through songs, stories, games and activities. 
  5. Humor – Little Red decides to agree with the bully, laugh at himself, and react as though what the bully says is unimportant. This becomes another way to calm the confrontation, disengage, and minimize the severity of the situation. 
“Humor is a very important component of emotional health, maintaining relationships, developing cognitive function and perhaps even medical health,” said Allan Reiss, MD, who directs the Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research at Stanford. […] “In particular, we think a balanced and consistent sense of humor may help children negotiate the difficult period of pre-adolescence and adolescence,” he said.

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