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Freshly Picked Moccasins Giveaway OVER

Congrats Krystyna (@sewmelove)! You have won a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins in your size and color of choice! Yayyy! Congrats! I will be contacting you shortly! Also, a big thanks to everyone who entered this amazing giveaway. Make sure you enter my newest contest! You never know, lady luck just might be on your side this time.

It's not every day that I want to drown myself in pinot, but some are worse than others. And those latter times I do have a bottle stashed for emergencies. I put my child to bed, take a deep breath, pour a rather tall glass, and turn on the Kardashians for some me time. Because. I. deserve. it.

Today is going to be one of those nights.

Irregardless and very much regardless at the same time, this brings me today's amazing giveaway. I've been an avid watcher of the Kardashians for a long while now. Since the very beginning, as a matter of fact. Those people are pretty much my frands. Don't judge.

I remember watching the show when I first noticed Mason's shoes. Mason is Kourtney Kardashian's son for those of you living under a rock, which you should probably spruce up while you're at it. Mason is always in the same shoes. All the time. Like, come on now, why can't he wear something else besides moccasins? They have oodles of money. That family is American Royalty. Okay. Full disclosure- they are American Royalty to me.

Anypleaseadoptmekhloe, I looked up Mason's shoes, because I wanted to see what all the Kardashian fuss was. And then I found out about Freshly Picked Moccasins.

This genius company was started by a mom, Susan, who wanted some well made baby shoes (aka comfy things that actually stayed on tiny feet). She basically set up shop in her home, using some scrap leather from a yard-sale (my kind of woman), and whipped up some moccasins for her kiddo. And the rest is shoe making history.

Freshly Picked Moccasins sent Adrienne a couple of pairs of their ridiculously adorable moccs to romp around in. As soon as I opened up the drawstring pouches that housed the moccs, I understood all the hype. I was holding little handmade pieces of gold. Except they were a pair of handmade, walnut-colored, leather moccasins. Same/same.

I immediately put them on Adrienne. And she started dancing. Natch.

Freshly Picked Moccasins so soft, yet durable. I was super hesitant to even let my child go outside for fear of her ruining them. I was worried that these little treasures wouldn't hold up. After not finding reviews on the wear and tear that would surely be bestowed on these baby moccs, I decided they were just too darn cute not to show off.

Well, let me tell you, since receiving these guys, they have become Adrienne's go to shoes on the daily. The leather soles have gotten a bit scuffed up, but other than that, they still look perfect.

I now completely understand why Kourtney Kardashian puts these moccasins on her children's feet. They are so comfortable, stylish, and kiddos love them. Freshly Picked Moccasins are our new favorite jam. It's a if-you-don't-know, now-you-know type of deal.

Okay, it's time for your chance to win a pair of moccs in your choice of size and color! I'm so honored to team up with Freshly Picked to host this great giveaway! Eeeek!!

For your chance to win, just log into the Rafflecopter below (or make a new Rafflecopter account), and follow the directions for each entry. Please make sure to actually do what's required for each entry. If you just click enter and not do what it's asking, I'll know. If you are unsure how to do one, skip it and contact me. I can't stress this enough. I go back and check to make sure the winner actually did what was required. I will not let cheaters win. DON'T CHEAT. Meh.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Congrats Krystyna (@sewmelove)! You have won a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins in your size and color of choice! Yayyy! Congrats! I will be contacting you shortly! Also, a big thanks to everyone who entered this amazing giveaway. Make sure you enter my newest contest! You never know, lady luck just might be on your side this time.

Also, for extra entries, share the giveaway photo or enter the Tag-Your-Frands giveaway photo both on Instagram!

For the IG Share Giveaway: 
1. Follow @freshlypicked and @coffeeandcashmerelove on Instagram
2. Repost the giveaway photo on your IG stream tagging both @freshlypicked and @coffeeandcashmerelove with the hashtag #freshlypickedcoffeeandcashmere
3. Make sure to heart and leave a comment on my IG post saying you shared.

For the Tag-Your-Frands Giveaway:
1. Tag your friends in separate comments on the Tag-Your-Frands Giveaway photo on my Instagram account.
2. Each tagged friend is an extra entry.

This giveaway will end on June 30th, 2013! One winner will be picked at random and will receive their choice of moccs from Freshly Picked. This giveaway is only open to US residents. The winner will be announced on coffeeandcashmere.com and will also be notified via email. The winner will have ONE week to respond to the email and claim their prize. If the winner never responds, a second winner will be picked at random.

Thank you so very hard, Freshly Picked, for being such an inspiration. And for creating the greatest kiddie foot candy. Ever.

Adrienne is also wearing a handmade dress that my sweet frand brought her back from Ecuador. The little pearl bracelet is an American Girl doll necklace.

The winner of Coffee and Cashmere's last giveaway was Crystal R.!


  1. turquoise suede :) alot of them are sold out :(

  2. I would be thrilled with any one of the colors, but I love the gold and platinum for my two little girls!

  3. Grass suede. But I just realised this is US residents only, so I can't win. Sob! x

  4. So incredibly cute! Love your blog name too!

  5. Hello,
    Thank you for this oportunity!,I would the platinium color moccs they look very shiny and pretty.

  6. Danielle Thiessen-I would be so appreciative of ANY COLOR-but my favorites are ebony and red rock suede!! Thank you so much!

  7. Hello!!
    I'm so excited to have found your cute little blog -- and also excited about this giveaway! I'm not much of a blogger myself... but I love journalism (always have) and follow a number of blogs. :) I eventually would like to start my own. (Someday...)
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway & I hope I win!!!

  8. Oh ... and I would like a pair of the suede ones. Any color except purple. ;)

  9. I've been dying for the weathered brown but it's been sold out! Waaaah! Lol.. Thanks for the opportunity! =) p.s. I actually came across your blog when I was looking for some blog inspiration. Love it!

  10. Would love a pair of the weathered brown! What a great giveaway to join! Was referred by a friend on instagram, I should thank her now!

  11. We'd be grateful for any color freshly picked moccs! We love every single color! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! So happy to have found your blog! Xo

  12. Not sure if it counts sold out one's...I really love the Walnut but it says they're all gone :( I also love the Turquoise Suede! They're for my little mister, Finn :) Thanks for the awesome giveaway ladies!

  13. We would love the smoke and cobalt. Thank you for this great giveaway. Hope we win.

  14. I love all these little moccs- my sweet girl could use a pair of Butterscotch or Smoke ;)

  15. My favorites are bubble gum and cherry and naturally they are both sold out. ::WISH:: they came in bigger sizes

  16. I love the metallic gold & silver. All of them are so cute! My four month old needs some freshly picked moccs! :)

  17. Most of the ones I like say sold out -- Ebony, San Shade and Weathered Brown. Of the ones left, I like Sapphire the best.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  18. red rock suede!!! oh my gosh any of the suede ones! I hope I win because I could never spend that much on a baby shoe...her feet are growing at a ridiculous rate, I worry for the size she's going to end up in her adult life, poor girl! lol

  19. I love the Sand Suede Moccasins!


  20. If butterscotch wasnt sold out I'd pick that but cobalt or grape seude are the most eye catching! I'd be happy with any pair! Vera's feet would sing with joy :D

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I have been dying to have these moccs for my little girl! I'd choose the platinum ones! corinnandolo(at)gmail(dot)com

  23. Hello,
    Im sad cause I think I put the wrong url tweet the past days, but I did tweeted, hope you can check that I did tweeted, I just realized that I was doing it wrong, today I put the right url hopefully you can count the others one :(,thank you

  24. i would want her new yellow leather she is coming out with.. so cute. fingers crossed.

  25. I would like the cobalt suede!
    Jen A.

  26. LOVE! I want to win this sooooo soooo bad!! :) My favorites on the site are cobalt sueda but I just saw the two new colors (http://instagram.com/p/bCNeDcLwgU/) and those are both my new favorites!! Nothing subtle about me, is there? :)

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