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Hello 2014, Welcome to My Life. Part I

It's time for the first part of my yearly recap. I love doing these things. It makes me go back in Coffee and Cashmere history to search for my fav posts from each month of 2013. Last year I did the first six months in one post and then another post with the last six months. This year I'm switching things up. I put together just the first three months. So, this will be part one of four. Enjoy.

I started last year off by sharing photos of our Christmas at William's grandmother's house. I always love it there. From the way she has it so beautifully decorated, to the abundance of pies and cakes, it's pretty magical.

I also whipped up a quick Valentine's DIY letter holder for Adrienne. No need to spend close to $30 on one from PBKids. 

My favorite post of that month would have to be when I did a little question and answer with Adrienne. She murders me.

I shared photos of my trusty planner

I blogged photos of the baby shower I hosted with two of my friends. The shower theme was owls, and it turned out super lovely. 

I hosted a few giveaways during the month of January, including this one from Nus & Lon.

 I made a ridiculously easy and delicious Valentine treat called Oreo bites. You can't eat just one of those things.

And lastly, I shared some Instagram photos.

February was an unbelievable month. I found out I was mentioned on television! My absolute hero, Billy Eichner, gave me a huge shout-out on his show, Funny or Die's Billy on the Streets.

I whipped up some delicious balsamic dressing.

And these incredible stuffed strawberries.

We had fun outside on Groundhog Day.

And got TOLD by my tiny-sized human.

I hosted a great giveaway with Butterflies and Moonbeams. And took the most beautiful photos of Adrienne wearing one of their coats.

 I wrapped up February by sharing two wonderful dollies. The first was from Mizy Me.

And then this dolly from Milipa.

 Holy Easter cuteness shown here.

I shared an adorable wooden pizza, perfect for a tiny wooden kitchen.

 And then I shared a pizza recipe for the grown-up chefs.

I blogged about how Adrienne wouldn't sleep without a princess crown.

I also shared DIY Hello Kitty ears from Adrienne's second birthday. 

And finishing up the month of March, I dyed my hair brown and posted some random facts about myself. Oh, and this awkward selfie.

Annnnd that's the end of the first part of my 2013 blogging recap. Phewww. Be sure to catch parts two, three, and four.


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