Here is a little Q and A between my pint sized human and myself. I like doing these. I never know what's going to come out of her little mouth.

What is your favorite color? pink.
Mine, too!!
no, dat's muh favorite color. you can't wike mines!
Okay, I'll pick purple.
i wike purple, too! you can't wike dat, eeberr.

Okay. Moving on. What is your favorite baby doll? bitty baby.

What is your favorite toy? a girwaffe. 
A giraffe? I don't know what giraffe toy you are talking about.
um. a dragon.
What dragon toy? You don't have a dragon toy.
but i neeb it.
You need a dragon toy?

What is your favorite fruit? trawb-arries. what's your favorite, mama?
I like oranges.
i wike oranges, too.

What is your favorite TV show? dora.
Natch. You are a Dora fiend.
i watch ki-youu, too.
Yes, you love Caillou.

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? lunchables.
Soo nutritious.

What is your favorite outfit? pajamas.
Good answer.

What is your favorite game? a ball game. 
(She is addicted to her "ball game" which is actually Clay Jams, an app on my phone. Get it. Your kids will leave you alone for a full thirty minutes.)

What is your favorite snack? gummies.

What is your favorite animal? owls. i wike dems.

What is your favorite song? patty cake. oh and tea pour hot!
The latter sounds like a serious mash up of "I'm a Little Tea Pot" and "Peas Porridge Hot."
i can't tell you.

What is your favorite book? this one! 
(She runs and picks out a Little Golden Book titled Ten Items or Less, which was one of my childhood books.)

Who is your best friend? aubrey. and kali.

What is your favorite cereal? um. um. chocolate!!
Chocolate for breakfast?

What is your favorite thing to do outside? riding my pwrinsess by-cik-cull.
That princess bicycle is like your Rolls Royce. You keep that thing in check, huh?
what's a wolls rice? i want it!
Me, too, kid. Me, too.

What is your favorite drink? orange juice. 
how about trawb-arry milk? i want to dwink it! pweeese?
After lunch. Let's finish this.

What is your favorite holiday? um. Valentyme's Day?

What do you sleep with at night? bitty baby.
Do you love Bitty Baby?
yeah!! i love bitty.

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? steaks.
Breakfast of champions. And Adrienne.

What is your favorite thing for dinner? porkchops.

What do you want to be when you grow up? i don't want to grow up anymore.
You are wise beyond your years.
can i hab trawb-arry milk now?


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