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Kiddy Qualia GIVEAWAY

If you've grown up with me, you'd know I've always had a planner by my side. If I don't have one to dictate my daily activities, my life is chaotic. Just being able to see on paper what's going on in my life is comforting. William says I need to get with the times and use Google Calenders, that actual planners are for people in the 1990's. Well you know what, Mr.? Old school is where it's always at.

Take my vintage Louis Vuitton zippered agenda for instance  It's super retro and still looks amazing. I ran out of refills last year and used another planner. Meh. But, 2013's a different story thanks to Kiddy Qualia.

This awesome little Etsy store specializes in everything planner related. And neon related. Those two combined make my little 90's heart sparkle. Kiddy Qualia sent me rainbow colored agenda refills so I could be super OG with my Louie planner again.

My agenda is obviously straight stylin' with these rainbow colored refills. So, it's pretty much always a party in my planner. And that, my dudes, is dope.

Now you can trick out your planner with a package of Kiddy Qualia's double lined planner papers. If you don't have a planner, you need one. And if you are that lame where you don't think you need one, you DO need these neon papers in your life, anyways. It's like Lisa Frank for grownups.

Just log into the Rafflecopter below (or make a new Rafflecopter account), and follow the directions for each entry. Please make sure to actually do what's required for each entry. If you just click enter and not do what it's asking, I'll know. If you are unsure how to do one, skip it and contact me. DON'T CHEAT.

This giveaway will last for one week and will end on February 5th, 2013 at 11:59 PM. One lucky reader will win rainbow planner papers from Kiddy Qualia. Good luck!

A big thanks to Kiddy Qualia for keeping my life in check with their agenda refills. 

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