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Sharp Dressed Men

Every man needs a new spiffy tie in their life. And Valentine's day is the perfect time to give him one. Hello fancy dinner date! Nice to see you again.

That said, Joyneckwear sent my other half the tie of his choice. William loved how he was finally getting something sent for him, instead of the usual Adrienne or Jade packages. Plus, I love how I'm actually venturing out of the box and talking about guy stuff. Who woulda thunk it?

Men items have never been my forte. Even on Christmas, William gets the usual dad presents like new packs of undies and socks from me, and Adrienne gets him new house-slippers. Exciting, huh? It's like buying for a dad at Christmas 101. Gosh. I feel old. I remember buying that ish for my dad with my mom circa '92 during the holidays. I always thought those were lame gifts back then. But, now I get it. Guys need those things. And how they go through so many socks and undies in a year, I'll never know.

Anypraticalgiftsarewhereit'sat, Joyneckwear specializes in handmade neck candy for men. The quality is outstanding, the price is beyond reasonable and being able to shop from the comfort of your own cave deserves bonus points. I'm I the only one who dislikes awkwardly responding to department store workers? No. I don't need your help. Can't you read my mind? I'M JUST BROWSING. Leave me alone!

Joyneckwear has so many different ties to choose from. My favorites are the boxed sets. A tie that comes with it's own home? What more could you ask for? Oh yea, you want a pocket square to match? Done deal. The boxed set includes one. That's a perfect gift idea for any sharp dressed man in your life. You. are. welcome.

Brown Stripes with Shades of Blue necktie and pocket square gift set c/o Joyneckwear.

If you want to order a ballin' tie for your hunnie, Joyneckwear is offering you guys 5% off of your total order! Just enter the code joycnc5 at checkout!

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  1. I wish(!!!) I could buy ties for the mister (it would make shopping for him very very easy) but he wears a government issued military uniform to work (duh, right?) so...that just wouldn't be practical. Very sharp though, I like it!

  2. Ooh, this is so nice! My husband doesn't have to wear ties to work, but sometimes I wish he did so I could see him all suited up and sexy. :) This tie is really nice!


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