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Hello 2013. Welcome to My World. Part II

The rest of 2012. Continuation from this post HERE.

This month was jammed packed with adventures. I started off by sharing this trip to William's Grandmother's house, then debuting the new look of my blog. We ate McDonald's and then watched fireworks on the 4th of July. Very American. I talked about some genius household tips, a baby Ryan Gosling, and some of my favorite childhood toys. I whipped up meatloaf and had an ice cream social. I reviewed a customized pillow and a 50 inch Hello Kitty balloon, both for my tiny sized human. I talked about myself in this interview and shared this clutch. I gave in to Instagram, lusted over lavender fashion, and gave my take on true beauty.

Summer was coming to a close. ::meh:: I shared my mom probs and a "baby jabwar" that my kiddo still loves. I announced some winners, showed a collection of my current favs, and totally believed the hype of a company who sent me their product. I made Italian pasta salad and bacon cups. Both made my tummy incredibly happy. There were also lots of bubbles. It was an easy like Sunday morning type of month.

I started off by sharing my current favs, pictures from my girlfrand's baby shower, and phone photos via Instagram. I also whipped up this football shaped cake. I yapped about Clueless and how my child is a complete fashionista. We painted, read the best quote ever, looked at some amazing art, and made super easy beignets. Bam.

My blog turned the big ONE, and we partied accordingly. I took and shared the obligatory pumpkin patch photos. I made these DIY spiderwebs, a lace crown fit for a princess, and a super yummy hot chocolate station. We also watched a man free fall from outer space. No big deal. I put together a sharp looking collection and showed off a cute toddler dress with an even sweeter model. I talked about zombies and how to recycle old crayons in this post. I then roasted Cajun style pumpkin seeds and shared some cray cray photo-shopped photos here. We ended the month of October 2012 glued to the news about superstorm Sandy.

The first of November brought a post about Halloween, in which Big Bird never looked so chic. Obama won the presidency, while I made truffle fries. I also made Thanksgiving treats, including these acorn cookies. I talked about my beautiful childbaby bedding and our holiday cards. We got crafty and made this DIY canvas, these cupcake liner trees, and this Christmas tree skirt. I ended the month of November 2012 by shamelessly harassing my readers to vote for my child.

The craziest month of the year started off with loafers. Then I bragged about winning Mud Pie's Blogger Holiday Challenge. ::fist pumps:: I talked about our holiday travels and shared photos from ThanksgivingThis post contained an adorable kid in a cute scarf. We revisited these cupcake ornaments and got real in this post about baking Christmas cookies. I showed off Adrienne's third birthday invites and then wished my baby girl a happy birthday. I ended the year with a delicious recipe of Thai noodles. And we are done.

How awesome is it to be able to go through my whole year, complete with pictures and my thoughts? My likes, dislikes, opinions, concerns, everything, typed down for me and you to reread. I'm excited for this new year...

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