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Toy Ghosts Vol. III

When I was a child, there was no shortage of toys. I had a huge room and playroom filled with all the newest stuff. If this was Twitter, there would be a hashtag with "spoiled" directly after. I think that is why Adrienne has so many things at the ripe old age of two. I still have that five year old soul that wants to get down on the floor and play baby dolls. 

This is my third installment of toys I used to have. The previous posts are here and here. I just had to share these gems. I almost put jems, because I want to move back to the '8o's where everything sparkled and nothing hurt. I want my neon Converse hightops. The ones where one shoe was hot pink and the other was yellow. I want my shoulder pads, the original My Little Ponies, and my mini Members Only jacket back, too. Is that so much to ask?

Bouncin' Babies, Kids, Ponies, Princess and Big Sister were produced by Galoob in 1989-90. I had pretty much the whole Bouncin' Babies daycare. Each one moved differently and came with their own piece of baby furniture. Fun stuffs.

 Jem Rock and Curl doll 1987. I still have this doll stowed away in my huge Barbie doll Rubbermaid container.

Dreamie Sweets were produced by DSI in 1997. This doll looks super familiar. I think I had her, but I don't know why I'd buy this in '97. I would have been twelve. Maybe she was one of those "last of my childhood purchases."

Oh gosh. Dreamland Babies. I had two of these dolls. I even sent one of the doll's outfits off to get monogrammed by the Dreamland headquarters. They sent it back to me with "Lillie Mae" on the bib of the onesie. I still have Lillie Mae. I don't know what happened to her sister. 

Oh, the Josef Birthday Dolls. My grandmother would give me one of these for my birthday each year. I think I got all the way up to seven. I loved having them sit on my bookshelf. I don't know what happened to my collection of these, either.

Li'l Miss Hair 1993. Loved this doll. Any doll that comes dressed in neon with hot pink stripes in her hair is a-oh-kay in my book. Plus, I'd give just about anything to bedazzel/color my hair with hearts right now. 

Magic Nursery Pets made by Mattel in the late 1980's to early 1990's. I had the rabbit, like the one below. It creeped me out so much that I gave it to one of my friends. Look at that face! Scary.

Now, the Magic Nursery Babies were my jam. You were supposed to put the dissolving packet that came with the dolls in water to reveal if you got a little boy or girl. I couldn't ever wait to get home to do that. I'd rip the thing open in the car on the way home. The packet also had some clothes inside, and sometimes you'd be the lucky recipient of TWINS. Yes. You could mail off your winning card, and in the mail you'd receive another baby! I never won a twin, but I did have about five of these dolls. 

Always Sisters were produced by Kenner in 1988. Super old school. I had the middle sister. I always wanted her older and younger sisters, but Santa must have overlooked my numerous letters stating so.

Mimi & the Goo Goos were produced by Blue Bird Toys in 1994. I had a few of these guys. They were super tiny and each character came with a little "house" you could put them in. The little waitress baby obvs lives in a hamburger. Makes sense.

Do you remember any of these toys??


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