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July is almost over. Another month has flown by me. Like, no, August, I'm not quite ready for you, yet. Anyways, this past weekend we did a lot of things that involved lots of food, friends, and kids. The norm. Oh- and I haven't been studying my camera all that much as of late. I just haven't felt the need to be the photog that I am. 

Irregardless and regardless at the same time, I wish I could express how much I love being a blogger. I adore so many different pictures and words and get to share them with you. I spend so much time on this site, because I'm telling my life story. If I have anything to show for after it's all said and done, it's this (oh yeah, and that spectacular kid I made). 

I enjoy weaving sentences around photos to paint a picture in your head of my everyday life. I not only enjoy that, but I also love how I find myself taking more photos with my mind, throughout the day, than with my camera. I find more beauty, now, than I ever have. Maybe I'm all grown up? No way. Maybe now I just enjoy the simple things? Mos def the latter.

I have always rushed through my life. Never slowing down to understand that this world is full of it. My life is full of it. Beauty is everywhere. Sometimes disciplining yourself to look harder, helps to find it in more places... 

The above photos are from a few weeks back. A trip out to dinner and pink plush penguin via Uncle Joe and his lady frand Sandra. Funny faces brought to you by Adrienne and her favorite person ever. Aunt Tay Tay. These pictures make me very happy. Adrienne is such a beautiful little soul and put smiles on faces of anyone she meets.

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