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What thing do kids go bat ish crazy for? Balloons. My child needs a balloon every time we go to the store like her little life depends on it. I always tell her that she gets balloons on her birthday and today isn't her birthday. Well apparently she thinks she's hit the jackpot of all birthdays. Party City sent Adrienne a... wait for it... 50 inch Giant Gliding Hello Kitty balloon.

This thing has weighted feet and "walks" with her. The enormous Hello Kitty is pretty amazing for even an adult like myself. Where to put it? I have no idea. The good thing about this helium balloon is that it can be deflated and refilled when needing another 50 inch balloon. Cause, one just never knows these things. The website says it's pretty durable, which is another plus for when Adrienne wants to give Hello Kitty massive hugs. Or dressing it up, or trying to fit one of it's feet in her stroller, etc.

These pictures came out so dark. It looks like we live in a cave. It's because it has been storming practically every day. No Seattle, I don't want your weather. Anyhoo, I wish we had this balloon for her birthday last December. The theme was Hello Kitty and you can see pics of it here and here. I'm sure this Hello Kitty balloon will make an appearance at many birthdays to come. Also, if you are drinking this early in the day, why not make a drinking game out of this post. Go back and re-read this. Every time you see the word "balloon" take a sip. Cheers!!

Now, giveaway time!! Party City has also provided me with a $50 gift-card to their store. 

All you have to do is go HERE, pick out your favorite giant balloon, and leave a blog comment on this post telling me your favorite. MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS SO I CAN LET YOU KNOW IF YOU ARE THE WINNER!

For extra chances, leave a separate blog comment for each different one you did. If you've already done some of these previously, you can still leave extra comments saying you did so!!
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Giveaway will last a week and will end on July 26th, 2o12. Winner will be chosen via random.org. The giftcard is for in-store purchases only. Can't be used for ordering online. Good luck!

Post Script- A big thanks to Party City for being so awesome to work with. I also want to thank Partyology for blowing the huge balloon up, which caused them to run out of helium. Opps.


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  1. Well i let Isabella and Marlie pick out the balloon they like and of course it was the Hello Kitty.... there birthday in feb. was also Hello Kitty themed!

    already like coffee and cashmere, party city on facebook.


  2. Oh my goodness! The pics of Adrienne & Hello Kitty are priceless ♥

    My balloon pick would be Hello Kitty as well :D

    I already like/follow Coffee & Cashmere on FB, GFC, Twitter, & Blog Lovin ^^...also "liked" Part City on FB!

    Thanks for another amazing giveaway!!! xoxo <3

  3. I would so go with Minnie mouse! She's THE princess of the happiest place on earth!!

    Mary Swayze

  4. As a Muppet fan I would have to go with Big Bird...Those pictures are adorable. I remember the mylar ballon era. We used to deflate them and tape them to the wall of their room like wallpaper. (never had one anywhere that big though) I remeber a Kermit the Frog balloon (See Muppets again) that was on the wall for several years.

  5. Being a lifelong fan, I'd have to say Hello Kitty, too :D such a cute idea!!

    An Dyer


  6. & I also liked Party City on Facebook :)


  7. I never knew they made balloons so big! I love them all I couldn't pick just one :)

  8. Those balloons are something serious! I'd love to give the Hello Kitty balloon to my niece. She be so excited.

    Lauren M.

  9. I almost bought the Dora one for my Cinco de Mayo party... couldn't force myself to spend $20 on a balloon though, as legit as it was. Maybe one day, when I'm not a broke college kid.

    My favorite is DEFINITELY the Pooh Bear :) it's nice to know they are durable because how can you NOT just squeeze Pooh with hugs all day??

    Rachel M - mcquader@uga.edu

  10. well i like the buzz light year becasue my son is obsessed with toy story his favorite is buzz but i also like tweety for my self that is my kinda cartoon

    Tiffany E - tiflyn21@aol.com


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